Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I’ve found the perfect way to deal with Meg’s forever-revolving door of swains on ATWT: focusing on how pretty Marie Wilson‘s hair looks. Love the deep red highlights! However, I can’t hand-wave Margo’s acceptance of Adam quite as easily. In fact, it makes me see red in a different way. ATWT has done a beautiful job of calling back to Emily, Susan and Larry’s history, but how could they forget a quintessential part of Margo’s: she was raped. I cannot believe that she would let Adam have a free pass for attacking Gwen, no matter how much her bullet wound hurts and how glad she is to see him alive. I remember how tender she was with Maddie during Maddie’s rape reveal storyline. I get that she’s fragile and she loves her son, but to have jealous whiner Casey being the only one pointing out Emperor Adam isn’t wearing clothes is ridiculous. Casey stole some bonds. Adam attacked multiple women. I love this redemption arc, but not at the expense of Margo or acknowledging how violence against women is completely unacceptable. 

But enough about that which annoys me and spikes my blood pressure. Let me talk about something that makes me happy: B&B! Nick teaching Bridget how to golf today was so cute! I really enjoyed that wink to Jack Wagner‘s real-life passion. I also can’t get enough of Jackie and Owen. The outdoor remote really showcases even more effectively how gorgeous Lesley-Anne Down is. The pink sun hat framed her face perfectly. And, yes, okay, Brandon Beemer‘s a good lookin’ fella in those beach-friendly duds. The arm candy definitely complemented Jackie’s candy-colored hat! (Not that Beemer’s just arm candy.) Back home in LA, Katherine Kelly Lang gave it her all as Brooke reeled from the news of Ridge’s betrayal. She is such a good crier that she should give a workshop to aspiring soap heroines!


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