The wisdom of GH’s Ethina


I had a confab with my Soap Opera Digest colleagues Lee and Naomi this morning about how Ethan and Kristina are the most riveting story on GH right now. We must’ve blissfully rambled for at least ten minutes about why the pair’s tale works for us. A few of  our assertions were that they’re “classic soap” and that they just “sparkle” together (but not in the Twilight way!). So why exactly is that?

First, one has to tip a hat to Nathan Parsons and Lexi Ainsworth, who have a very sweet, genuine vibe. They’re absolutely adorable together. Just check out the June 14, 2011 cover of Soap Opera Weekly — it’s the cutest thing! And, as a baby-and-puppy enthusiast, I know from cute! Then, there’s the fact that Ethan and Kristina’s friendship bloomed from a dark, harrowing twist. Him carrying her out of the lake house, after she’d been beaten by her boyfriend Kiefer, was such a powerful moment. And her pointing to him as her abuser was the kind of thing that can make or break two characters. Thanks to careful writing and sensitive acting, both of them were able to emerge from that  storyline stronger. Far from shrugging off the ramifications of her lie, a healing Kristina apologized — and kept apologizing months later. Ethan forgiving Kristina was a big turning point for the character — particularly on a show where the men are quick to slam the women as liars and sluts. Lee noted that he hadn’t really liked Ethan before those moments, and I have to agree. I began looking at Ethan with new eyes, too, amazed that he continued to support Kristina.

Time is also a huge element of why Ethan and Kristina has appeal. On soaps, the average pregnancy lasts — from conception to highly dramatic birth — around five months. Couples go from strangers to lovers to exes in a matter of weeks. Nothing moves slowly anymore. But Kristina and Ethan have known each other since the fall of 2009. Kristina’s accusation took place during March of 2010. And, aside from Krissy’s crush and Ethan’s gentle teasing, in the past 13 months there’s been no rush to make things romantic. Their interaction has been sweetly platonic — largely, I suspect, because Lexi Ainsworth was under eighteen. Whatever the reason, I’m glad for it! Because anticipation, a slow build and an organic journey to romance… that’s what good soap is about!

We’re just now seeing Ethina’s story take off — almost literally, as they jet to the Dominican Republic this week in order to obtain a divorce for Ethan. And I know I’m on board!

19 thoughts on “The wisdom of GH’s Ethina

  1. Hear hear! I had all but given up on soaps after the demise of both GL and ATWT, but these two hooked me back in again. I would love to write for soaps one day, and these two are the perfect example of why. They’re a couple to really get invested in and stand behind for years.


    1. They remind me of how couples like DAYS’ Bo and Hope kicked off in the ’80s…with the world weary older guy and the sheltered princess getting together despite obstacles.


      1. I’m only 19, but thanks to the lovely invention of Youtube I have been able to see all the old supercouples and how they started! I hope they take Ethina in a similar direction!


  2. This is such a great article, thanks for writing it and sharing your thoughts on Ethan & Kristina. I think they are the future of General Hospital and it just makes so much sense putting them together romantically, starting gradually now.
    I also really love and appreciate what a slow burn these two have had and that above all they are good friends to each other. I can’t wait to watch the Dominican Republic scenes!
    Lexi & Nathan do indeed sparkle! :)


  3. Thanks. This is great. Ethan and Kristina are the reason I came back to GH. They are the first “couple” build up to remind me of the old days of supercouples. I hope Garin Wolf sees the potential we do.


  4. That was such a wonderful and well written blog. I love and agree with many of the points. Lexi Ainsworth and Nathan Parsons have such wonderful chemistry. They just click. I love how the characters really lean on each other and the slow build is phenomenal. Today couples come out of nowhere, are shoved down your throats then gone. This feels like an actual love story. It really does remind of one love stories and supercouples where done like Bo and Hope, Tad and Dixie, Danny and Michelle (all of which had height and age differences too).


  5. Wow, get out of my head. (laughs). So much of what you said is exactly why they appeal to me. I had basically given up on General Hospital romance and was just tuning in to watch the Davis girls. I stumbled upon Ethan and Kristina during that time. The chemistry was natural, unforced and so refreshing. I really want to see the writers take their relationship to deeper levels and to write it well.


  6. I flipping love this blog post. It is soo nsync with how I feel about our dear Ethan & Krissy. They have got me reeling with their story. I love how it has slowly progressed and they very much remind me of Nikolas and Emily in the way that Emily always had a thing for Nik but Nik was not there yet. And we all see how Emily ended up being Nikolas great love. I hope the same can happen for Ethan and Kristina. I really hope the new writer at GH can only further this relationship. Its time to take them to the next level!!


  7. I applaud this blog! Everything you said is so true to how I feel about this pairing. I have two reason left for watching GH and Ethina is one of them. They remind of those “Romance during the day” love stories..

    I sincerely hope Garin continues in a romance direction with them…


  8. Love this article and I totally agree with you. I liked them from the very beginning. I always thought they had an innocent chemistry, and that they could have something if they gave it time and watched it grow. They’re the reason I’m even watching GH anymore, I don’t like any other couples.

    I hope GH handles them the right way and take advantage of their sweetness and unique chemistry.


  9. This is perfection! Tons of Ethina fans are breathing a secret “Whew! glad I’m not alone!” sigh of relief.
    I always notice how Nathan lights up around Lexi when they’re onscreen together. Just as Krissy seems to bloom under Ethan’s appreciation — because he’s the one treating her as an adult, she responds in kind.
    I haven’t been this invested in a soap couple in ages. Viva la slow burn — and Garin, you can turn up the heat now. We’re ready.


    1. I’m breathing the same sigh of relief! Of course I had an inkling that I wasn’t alone in enjoying Ethina, but you can never be sure! :)


  10. I love this. I agree with how soaps now don’t take their time to build love stories anymore, but Ethina has being a progressing love story which only great couples are built on. I have been ready for this ride and I am enjoying the journey. I can not wait for what’s next. Ethina FTW.


  11. I just have to say I am thrilled to discover I am not the only one charmed by Ethina, when I first noticed them I was confused this is GH, where men call the women liars and whores and thow barware at them. But instead we have Ethan forgiving Kristina and the two of them just being adorable and sweet and ligtness when most of the rest of the show is dark and ugly.


  12. Frankly, I too had no love for Ethan before he was paired with Kristina. I hated the revisionist history that Luke cheat on Laura with Holly (we all know that Ethan should really be Holly and Robert’s son). I love the fact that this is one of the few soap relationships that feel real. Even though Kristina has had a crush on him for like forever, she was willing to just be his friend. They ‘get’ each other. We’re not being told that they are some kind of forever love like some other soap pairings that I can mention.


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