Welcome to bad necklace — which gets its name because Mala means “bad” in Spanish and “necklace” in Bengali. (My Spanish fluency is questionable, but my Bengali is pretty decent!)

I’m a New York-based writer and editor who has worked primarily in entertainment journalism. I’ve worked as a Features Editor at RT Book Reviews and a Senior Editor at  The National Enquirer, GLOBE magazine and The National Examiner. I spent seven years at Soap Opera Weekly and also worked with Soap Opera Digest and their tween baby sister Pixie …which is why you will find posts entitled “Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala” here. Those are mirror posts for entries from my old industry blog, The Virtual Soapbox, which lived at

I write and speak in slang and frequently punctuate with four-letter words. Despite an English literature degree under my belt, I almost never read classic literature, postmodern literature or literature of any kind. For me, it’s all about romance novels and young adult books, and the sporadic comic book. I love shoot ‘em up movies and sci-fi but won’t say no to a Lifetime movie if it’s really, spectacularly, cheesy.

I’m a romance novelist, a definite feminist and I can always be counted on to speak — or blog — my mind!