Welcome to bad necklace — which gets its name because Mala means “bad” in Spanish and “necklace” in Bengali. (My Spanish fluency is questionable, but my Bengali is pretty goodt!)

I’m a writer and editor who came up primarily through entertainment journalism. I’ve worked as a Features Editor at RT Book Reviews and a Senior Editor at  The National Enquirer, GLOBE magazine and The National Examiner. I spent seven years at Soap Opera Weekly and also worked with Soap Opera Digest and their tween baby sister, Pixie. More recently, I served as a contributor to Macmillan’s romance site, Heroes and Heartbreakers, a contributor to Frolic, and a contractor for Audible, helping build the pages for their romance subscription platform.  

I write and speak in slang and frequently punctuate with four-letter words. Despite an English literature degree under my belt, I almost never read classic literature, postmodern literature or literature of any kind. For me, it’s all about romance novels and young adult books, and the sporadic comic book. I love shoot ‘em up movies and sci-fi and will totally succumb to a Lifetime movie if it’s really, spectacularly, cheesy.

I’m a romance novelist, a definite feminist and I can always be counted on to speak — or blog — my mind!