Editing Services

NOTE: I’m temporarily suspending beta reading, proofreading, developmental edits, and line editing services so I can work on my own writing projects. I am still available for sensitivity reads and consulting services.

My wheelhouse is primarily romance and erotic romance — both cishet and LGBTQ+ — and I’m also open to young adult, science fiction and fantasy, mysteries, etc. (But you probably don’t want me editing your Louis L’Amour-esque western or your inspirational romance. Finding the right editor for your project is often the key to making it shine!)

I have a reputation for being a bit of a hard-ass when it comes to edits — I’m not really warm and fuzzy — but I try to veer away from being a “shreditor.” My goal is to help you craft your best book!

Beta reading, proofreading, and sensitivity reading: I can read for general content and clarity as well as South Asian and South Asian American representation (specifically Bengali Hindu), mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and general racist/sexist/homophobic microaggressions. Rates can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.
•Excerpts that total less than 2000 words – $50
•Short stories or novellas – $150-$300
•A full novel manuscript (50,000 to 100,000 words) – $300-$450
•Anything above 100,000 words – base rate of $450 and adjusted per specific word count.

General creative consulting: Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Someone to tell you, “Uh, maybe that’s not such a great idea…” or “Wow, that’s awesome”? We can chat via Skype at the flat rate of $75 an hour — far less than I pay my therapist! I’ll help you brainstorm your titles, break your blocks, identify your problem areas, and cheer you on when you hit upon something that works!

Developmental edits: For one cent per word, I will do one pass of your manuscript, making notes of what works and what doesn’t work. This may include some basic copy edits and flagging of repetition — because sometimes I just can’t help myself — but will mostly be focused on content. A dev edit is all about the flow of the story, any gaps in logic, and making sure your characters aren’t total assholes (unless they’re supposed to be assholes!). This includes in-manuscript comments as well as an editorial letter.

Line edits: For a cent and a half per word, I will do a deep dive into your manuscript, going line by line to flag inconsistencies, grammatical errors, logic leaps, general WTFery, etc. I will also address plot and character issues and include a rigorous copy edit. (I’m more of an AP Style gal, so if you prefer Chicago Manual, you may want to seek out an additional copy editor who swings that way!) You will receive an editorial letter as well as in-manuscript comments and some in-line changes where necessary.

Payment Details
All payments must be made via PayPal and rendered within 30 days of invoicing. Depending on the size of a project (upwards of 50K, for instance), you may be asked to pay a deposit of half the total payment up front.

•Please use the contact form for your queries and include a brief summary of your book in the message. Warnings for potentially triggering content in your manuscript are also greatly appreciated.
•Do NOT send full manuscripts unless they’ve been requested.
•All manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format, double spaced. Edits are done via Word’s ‘Track Changes’ feature.
•You may be asked for a nominal tip in order to offset the PayPal processing surcharges.
•Rates may be subject to change, depending on the needs of the submitted work and the needs of the business!