The missing link…

I’m over at the RWA NYC chapter blog today, talking about the similarities between soap opera and romance, and why anybody who dares look down on either genre is clueless!


Twitting on the dock of the bay

Haven’t done a link compilation post lately, so here’s what I’ve been sharing on Twitter!

Eight products from Sky Mall that can be used to kill someone. I love the Sky Mall catalogue. I’m always tempted to buy something from it. Even more so now!

‘Health Reform is a BFD’ t-shirt available at BarackObama.Com. Hi-larious!

A wonderfully psychotic version of ‘Stand By Me’ from the geniuses at the Muppets Studio.

Being President means doing tours and looking at boring things. Someone has fixed that, so Obama is now looking at AWESOME things.

The trend of remaking everything under the sun continues, as Carey Mulligan is tapped to star in My Fair Lady.

B&B rang in their 23rd anniversary with a hysterical reality show spoof, featuring head writer/EP Bradley Bell, Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and more.

The Tweetest Thing

I’ve, yet again, been more active on Twitter than on WordPress. Here’s what I’ve been looking at and linking to lately:

Mean Girls, this time with Disney heroines.

Jimmy Fallon reunites the cast of California Dreams.

Tim Burton signs on to produce adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. Do we even care, considering it’s a given that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter will be cast in it?

A German branch of PETA wants the world’s most famous polar bear castrated. No, don’t take Knut’s nuts!

The West Wing‘s Toby notes babies come with hats. (Yes, it’s an old clip, but babies + hats + Toby = WIN!)

A blogger at the Daily Princetonian engages in EPIC FAIL about alcohol, rape and women’s culpability. There’s fail in the comments, too, but also a lot of smackdown.

Twit to be tied!

Here’s what I’ve been linking to on Twitter lately!

We Love Soaps counted down the 50 Greatest Soap Opera Actresses of all time, with input from many experts. And also from me. LOL. They’re finally done. Check out the whole list and their wonderful tributes to each actress!

Classically trained actor Brian Cox teaches a toddler Hamlet’s famous soliloquy. So. Freaking. Cute.

A Star Wars spoof about organic farming, worth it for the “search your peelings” joke alone!

A flow-chart explaining levels of manliness in relation to all the awful Super Bowl commercials this year.

GH’s Brandon Barash and Lisa LoCicero in an adorable Valentine’s-themed commercial for Dove chocolate.

At my twit’s end

Here’s this week’s Twitter link round-up (and a few extras I haven’t tweeted):

McG wants to reboot the La Femme Nikita TV series. To which I say, “Oh, HELL no.”

Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles do not have Twitter or Facebook accounts.

HeroesAdrian Pasdar got arrested under suspicion of DUI. Aw, Nathan Petrelli, why you gotta be like that?

Pernell Roberts, my favorite Cartwright, died at the age of 81. Adam wore all black and played the guitar, what was not to love?

Jean Simmons, of Spartacus and The Thornbirds fame, also passed away.

Jimmy Kimmel, continuing his awesomeness, has a great bit reimaging the Conan vs. Leno war as a PBS documentary like the ones about the Civil War.

Some asshat is trying to create a whites-only basketball league, and claims it’s not racist. I really don’t know what to say, but there are definitely four-letter words involved.

Anderson Cooper is a Big Damn Hero. (That’s a Firefly reference, for those playing at home, and the clip is from Haiti and a bit powerful and triggering.)

Brevity is the soul of Twit

I’ve been more active on Twitter lately than on WordPress. So, in an effort to keep WP just as relevant, I’m going to start a weekly archiving of the links I post to Twitter. Obviously this is a better forum to discuss the contents of said links than a site where you can only express yourself in 140 characters.

Bloomsbury whitewashes the cover of Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore.

Check out Conan O’Brien’s awesome statement about leaving the Tonight Show. (Link goes to the HuffPo.)

An NBC exec asshattishly blames Conan O’Brien for the recent Conan/Leno Tonight Show fail.

Craig Ferguson puts things in perspective and proves he is made of awesome. (Link goes to YouTube.)

A new study reveals that watching TV and being on the computer can increase your risk of heart disease. Oh crap. I’m doomed.

A random links post!

So, yes, I haven’t really been in a blogging frame of mind, but I have been in a reading, laughing, and self-educating state of mind. Here’s a round-up of some things that I’ve stumbled upon lately:

How To Tell If Your Pain Is Manpain (Self-explanatory hilarity!)

One man acapella group Sam Tsui sings the Don’t Stop Believin’ arrangement from Glee and also does a really cool medley of Michael Jackson songs.

Meep and Meep. (And also? Meep!)

Lady Gaga’s official YouTube Channel. (Yes, I’ve just started delving into the Gaga phenomenon, and oh my god she’s fascinating! I need someone to explain her videos to me!)

The Strange Case of Glenn Beck by The Brown Tweed Society (a really interesting look at trademark disputes).

Patrick Duffy and The Crab discuss their first times (This entire series of videos is comedy gold.)