Twitting on the dock of the bay

Haven’t done a link compilation post lately, so here’s what I’ve been sharing on Twitter! Eight products from Sky Mall that can be used to kill someone. I love the Sky Mall catalogue. I’m always tempted to buy something from it. Even more so now! ‘Health Reform is a BFD’ t-shirt available at BarackObama.Com. Hi-larious!… Read More Twitting on the dock of the bay

Twit to be tied!

Here’s what I’ve been linking to on Twitter lately! We Love Soaps counted down the 50 Greatest Soap Opera Actresses of all time, with input from many experts. And also from me. LOL. They’re finally done. Check out the whole list and their wonderful tributes to each actress! Classically trained actor Brian Cox teaches a toddler… Read More Twit to be tied!