At my twit’s end

Here’s this week’s Twitter link round-up (and a few extras I haven’t tweeted):

McG wants to reboot the La Femme Nikita TV series. To which I say, “Oh, HELL no.”

Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles do not have Twitter or Facebook accounts.

HeroesAdrian Pasdar got arrested under suspicion of DUI. Aw, Nathan Petrelli, why you gotta be like that?

Pernell Roberts, my favorite Cartwright, died at the age of 81. Adam wore all black and played the guitar, what was not to love?

Jean Simmons, of Spartacus and The Thornbirds fame, also passed away.

Jimmy Kimmel, continuing his awesomeness, has a great bit reimaging the Conan vs. Leno war as a PBS documentary like the ones about the Civil War.

Some asshat is trying to create a whites-only basketball league, and claims it’s not racist. I really don’t know what to say, but there are definitely four-letter words involved.

Anderson Cooper is a Big Damn Hero. (That’s a Firefly reference, for those playing at home, and the clip is from Haiti and a bit powerful and triggering.)

3 thoughts on “At my twit’s end

  1. I couldn’t help but wonder, when I read of Pasdar’s DUI, if there had been some ongoing issues that led to his Heroes ouster, a la Warrick Brown (I am having a brain fart with the actor’s name) on CSI.


    1. Gary Dourdan played Warrick!

      And good call on the “ongoing issues.” We seldom think about the behind-the-scenes goings-on that lead to those kinds of casting decisions.

      It took OTH a while, but they finally wrote out Skills after Antwon Tanner’s Social Security fraud fiasco.


      1. Gary Dourdan! Thank you! That was driving me nuts (but apparently not nuts enough to Google it while sitting at my computer).

        Betcha Jamie misses his Uncle Skills. :(


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