Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Oh, GH. What AM I going to do with you? You give me the awesomeness of Coleman and then the ick of Ethan manhandling Rebecca. What’s next, he rapes her on a dance floor just like his hero, daddy Luke? Though, really, the stalker-rapist vibe that’s emanating from him now may be positive news for many GH fans: maybe the powers-that-be got your message and are sending him out on the villainous crazy train? 

Let’s go back to the yay factor now and dish Coleman! Take notes, Ethan: this is how you do skeeviness correctly! Coleman is, as the song goes, “the right kind of wrong.” He flirts with everything that moves and gets away with it, thanks to Blake Gibbons’ gravelly voice and natural charm. Gibbons is portraying one of GH’s most beloved recurring characters, and I’m really mystified as to why he hasn’t had an actual story of his own in years. And, no, trying to drum up customers for Jake’s in any way possible doesn’t count. I mean, if Max and Diane can have a romance, why not Coleman? However, if the “Soul Man” isn’t slated for love, I’d get a kick out of seeing him actually install cages in the bar and hiring Go-Go Girls, like Maxie suggested. Heck, maybe his recurring piano player Johnny can take a turn in the cage, too? 

I also have to give a shoutout to OLTL’s “Kish” today. How funny was Kyle suggesting Fish introduce him to Layla? And the way he couldn’t keep his eyes off the duo made me ridiculously happy. Perhaps he and Cristian should team up to break up the pair and each go after the person they want?


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