Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Watching ATWT at home on Friday instead of at the office, I was reminded of the tagline for Alien: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Without my co-workers around, I was free to shriek like a horror movie ingenue at Hunter and Alison. Of course, the worst of it happened on Thursday, but still…I felt like I was watchingFlowers in the Attic, as Hunter talked about his FEELINGS FOR HIS SISTER. What in the fresh hell is going on in Oakdale that this is an acceptable storyline twist? Was the Zac/Zoe arc a litmus test for how people would take Hunter/Ali tonsil hockey? Because I gotta tell you: I do NOT need to see siblings make out. 

And it sure didn’t help that in recent weeks, Marnie Schulenburg‘s hair color and style (which is ever-shifting) began to subtly mirror Evan Alex Cole‘s. Look at them now. They even look like they could be twins. Ick! 

The Hunter reveal would have kicked ass without the incest component. I am ALL for Emily having another son (even though we never see Daniel)…but not if it’s just yet another verse of the “Everybody Loves Alison” song that’s been playing for the last couple of years. I like Ali. I do. But just like with Meg, it’s hard to convince me that she’s Miss Independent and a woman I should root for if she’s always being pursued by a man. Especially one related to her. And, yes, I am still bitter that they dropped the Chris/Ali/Aaron triangle, because that’s one object-of-affection story for Ali that actually made sense

Friday’s episode of GL, fortunately, evoked decidedly less violent emotions. I began sniffling when Michelle and Rick watched the next generation of Bauers eat pie in the kitchen and didn’t stop wiping my eyes until the end. I was such a wreck as Rick, Phillip, Mindy, and Beth — the original Four Musketeers — speechified to everyone gathered at the very last Bauer barbecue. 

And Phillip Chancellor III walking in at the last minute of Y&R? Now THAT is what good soap is supposed to be! I absolutely loved Cane’s life falling apart, and how anguished Daniel Goddard looked by the whole reveal. The real Phillip III’s appearance was just icing on the cake! Awesome Friday cliffhanger!


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