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Was I supposed to be laughing hysterically at Y&R’s Adam today? ‘Cause, dude, that was sheer comedy gold. I already discussed how young Rafe looks on Friday, but today, he pretty much made Adam look like Chester the Molester. Could their post-romp scene have been ANY more awkward? From the stiff posture to the straightening of shirt collars, I could not stop cracking up. I don’t mean to be crass, but that had to have been the lamest, least passionate “afterglow” I’ve seen in my life. It’s probably a good thing the sex that preceded it was off screen. Can you imagine how awkward that must have been? And then the hilarity continued with Adam dialing up Heather to immediately reassert his heterosexuality with an emergency booty call. Where it did take place? On the very same couch where he and Rafe played partially dressed Twister! Since Adam had enough sense to shower in between encounters, let’s hope he cleaned that leather, too! 

I know it’s not politically correct to be laughing at this story — and I do acknowledge that it has deeply offensive elements — but I just can’t take it seriously right now! 

The only thing funnier than Adam’s desperation was Victor finding Mary Jane’s kitty and waving his hand in front of its glass eyes. I think at that point, I may have actually fallen out of my chair. Episodes of Y&R need to start coming with warnings, like “May cause hysteria” or “Please do not eat anything as choking may occur.” 

I feel like there’s a strong thread of crack running through all the CBS shows lately. Mostly the good kind. 

I’ve loved “Kamikaze GL” just going all out. B&B always pushes the envelope (today Jackie and Owen had a surfing and sex conversation that made me blush). ATWT has a whole lotta cracktastic insanity going on: Henry in drag, Winston Mayer’s return, Riley-is-Adam, Emily’s eggstravaganza. 

Some of the storylines work, some fail miserably. But the network is taking chances, and that’s to be commended. In this day and age, where we need to sell soaps any we can to keep the genre alive, I can appreciate the intent even if the execution isn’t always up to snuff.


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