The way she move…

Moving in New York City is an exercise in self-sufficiency. 

Moving in New York City with a bum ankle and a bad knee is an exercise in insanity.

It’s times like these where I miss the small town life, and the ease with which you can call up a buddy with a pickup truck to help you out when you need it. The Big Apple is short on buddies and on pickup trucks.  It’s just really bizarre, a completely different mindset and definition of friendship. I guess it’s something I still haven’t gotten totally used to.  There’s too much southwestern Ohio left in me still, trapped beneath the hard armadillo shell of the New Yorker that I’m becoming.

I have another adjustment to make now as well, which is that of Manhattanite to Queens resident. I loved my neighborhood in Murray Hill. I loved the proximity to D’Agostino’s, the frou-frou grocery store, and to Grand Central. I loved being able to walk to work and to cab it home from a night out with the girls. Sunnyside is about 20 minutes away from the city, the grocery stores are a bit sketchy, and the cab ride is a bit more expensive. But my apartment is considerably larger and cheaper. There are some wonderful places to eat nearby and Jackson Heights and the Queens Center mall are just a few stops away on the train. I lived just a few streets up from my current place when I first moved to New York… and, Lord, was it a trial. I hated my apartment (even though it was huge, how stupid was I?), found my landlord creepy, and loathed the short commute. I was a true fish out of water at that time, really unable to reconcile my old life in Ohio to my new one in New York. I felt the isolation a lot harder. This time around, I’m armed with the knowledge of both this borough and Manhattan; I know what it takes to live in both places and that this location is much, much more practical.

What use is the glamour and ease of Murray Hill if I can’t afford to go out? If I’m counting dollars and cents and feeling guilty for every charge on my credit card? Manhattan loses its charm if you can’t experience it.I figure I’ll get roughly the same amount of time in the city that I did while I lived there, just for a cheaper price tag. And hopefully once I’m settled in and fully unpacked and furnished, I’m going to get a chance to build that community tie that I’ve been lacking.  

Who knows…maybe I’ll even find someone with a pickup truck. ;-).

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