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So, I’ve been kind of bad lately. I missed GH: NIGHT SHIFT again. I know, I know…here I am, a giant advocate and I’m playing hooky. Shame on me. However, what I haven’t missed is THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Every single episode this week has been must-see. I absolutely adored watching Bridget find out about Katie and Nick’s affair. From the whole skeevy set-up of Nick making love to her and then dropping the bomb (OMG! What a creep!) to Bridget flipping out and snarling that he should’ve kept his pants on, it was sheer soapy brilliance. As much as I hate Bridget having to go through the umpteenth instance of “you slept with my husband, prepare to die!” it’s always entertaining to watch the fall-out. And did anyone else get a huge kick out of delusional Katie hoping to Brooke that Bridget would take the news well and then telling Bridget the same thing? The look on Bridget’s face when Katie expressed her wish that Bridget and Nick raise her Catalina love child if she dies was the best thing EVER. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages…at least not until today’s episode, where Stephanie and the Forrester kids gathered around Eric expecting that he was about to croak.

When Stephanie asked Thorne to bring her the basin from her old bathroom and then began washing Eric’s feet, I actually had to walk down to a colleague’s office and go, “Hey, are you watching B&B? What’s up with the Jesus-y foot washing?” I’m sure it was supposed to be poignant and moving and whatnot, but this is Stephanie “Badass Mofo” Forrester we’re talking about, not Mary Magdalene! And besides, if you want to go with the apt biblical metaphor for fallen women washing the benevolent savior’s feet, shouldn’t that be Donna? Then again, I suspect that if she wants to atone for getting frisky with Owen, she’d have to wash a lot more than just Eric’s neglected tootsies.


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