All this means is that James K. Polk was a hottie.

It’s funny; I spent the entire summer being virulently, vehemently, anti-political. I was sick of the backbiting, the sniping, the divisiveness. I was like, “Whatever. I am so done.” I just tuned out. I was sick of Hillary, sick of Barack, and occasionally rhyming really rude things with “Huckabee.” Now? With barely 2 months to go before the Presidential election…? I AM SO ADDICTED TO POLTICAL COVERAGE OMG.

I can’t stop watching The Daily Show clips, reading political posts on people’s blogs and on various message boards…I even tuned in to The O’Reilly Factor. I mean, Vishnu in a sidecar, people, I voluntarily watched Bill frakking O’Reilly just because he tried to steamroll interviewed Barack Obama. Of course, then I flipped over to the rerun of the 90210 season premiere just to scrub my brain.

But I’m engaged. I’ve been discussing politics on the phone with my parents; I spent a half hour the other day in my co-worker’s office ranting and raving about how the Religious Right needs to get their hands off my uterus and how political correctness has paralyzed our society and turned our children into coddled cowards. It was bad, folks. We actually had to change the topic to “Which President would you sleep with?” just so I’d quit frothing. (And, yes, we actually called up pictures of all the Presidents to date and went through the entire list going ‘I’d do him’ or ‘Not so much!’ I also admitted to finding John Kerry really sexy.)

Let’s face it, it’s crunch time. This is our shot to change the insidious, destructive political climate that has raged across this country for the last 8 years. But the sad thing is…? I have absolutely no expectation that it WILL change. I fully expect John McCain and Sarah Palin to end up in the White House, no matter what skeletons are shaken out of Palin’s closet. At the end of the day, it’s not going to matter if she’s attached to a frighteningly Fundamentalist church or if her husband was part of a secessionist group or if she accepted millions of dollars in earmarks, she’s going to get voted in because she’s a mother of five who likes guns and thinks the only pregnant woman in the country who deserves the privacy and respect to make her own choice is her own daughter. And it’s not going to matter that John McCain has completely flipped around on his politics but then co-opted the Democratic theme of “Change,” just to distance himself from a President he supported, he’s going to get voted in because he’s a war hero representing “real Americans,” because he’s claiming change while actually promising more of the same and nobody wants to read between the lines.

Of course, why read at all when the government can read for you, think for you, etc.? I have already written about how we have become a lazy nation, unwilling to take responsibility for ourselves. It’s easier to point the finger everywhere else. It’s easier to let legislators govern our bodies and our minds and our souls. It’s easier to blame a television or a rap song for why our children can’t think for themselves. Why worry our pretty little heads when we’ve got John McCain, his benevolent hockey mom VP, and their entire party to do it all for us?

After all, letting George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove do our thinking for us has worked out so well…

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