Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

This is quite possibly the shallowest blog post I’m ever going to write, but I can’t help it. While watching AS THE WORLD TURNS this week, it struck me just how pretty the cast is. When they’re out on location, with all that natural light shining down on them, you get an even more clear indication of why the Maura Wests, Julie Pinsons, Jon Hensleys, and Jon Prescotts of the world are on TV and why mere mortals like myself are tied to a computer. I mean, these are people who look good even before they hit the makeup chair, just wandering the studio halls in their street clothes, so it should be no surprise that they look good in the sunlight. But even ATWT’s interior lighting is incredibly flattering and plays to their actors’ best features. Back when Marie Wilson’s hair was redder, I had severe envy every time Meg was on, because the color looked so rich. (Mind you, I’d look awful as a redhead!) And it’s not just hair. No one ever looks pasty or washed out. Everyone always seems to have a healthy glow. (Not counting Ghost Sofie.)

When you think about it, it takes some serious effort to make a soap star look less than their best.

So why are there some shows that are doing exactly that? Is there a major difference in their lighting equipment? Do the makeup people just not know how to blend the right foundation to go with the lights? Why does everyone on ATWT look so vibrant while some people on other programs look like they haven’t been let out of the basement in years? (And trying to compensate for bad lighting with tanning really doesn’t work; many people just look like Oompa Loompas.) I’ve seen actors from a few other shows who look exponentially better in real life than they do onscreen — where they’re supposed to look more fabulous than the average person. That’s just sad. (And, no, I’m not naming names or calling out the shows. I don’t want to make enemies! LOL!)

So it just begs the question: Why can’t more people see the light? And point it in the right direction?


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