Welcome to the jewelry box.

Welcome to bad necklace: not quite pearls of wisdom, a blog for rambling natterings on writing, the Big Apple, growing up desi in the American Midwest, and whatever the heck else occurs to me.

The name “bad necklace,” comes from one of many crazy nights with my friends Ty and Tiffany. I made the mistake of kvetching about how Spanish-speaking people always think my parents had a twisted sense of humor. “Yes, yes, I know what my name means and no, no they did NOT name me ‘bad’ on purpose.” They named me the Bengali word for “necklace.” Ty, who keeps insisting I’m from Idaho or Nebraska despite my Ohioan pride, dubbed me “bad necklace,” that night and has called me that ever since.

Now I’ve finally bitten the bullet and joined the individual blog revolution. Mind you, this does not mean I am some neophyte, wandering around the Internet and encountering cries of “LOL! N00b!” I’ve done the LiveJournal thing, done the MySpace thing, and feel that, now, as I teeter on the edge of turning 30 and also celebrate my third year living in the wilds of New York City, it’s time to try something new. If this fails miserably, expect this thing to disappear with little to no fanfare. “Nothing to see here, move it along.”

As I said above, I’m almost 30. The big 2-9…. the age many women choose to stay forever. Personally, I’m ready to get the Hell into the next decade. Besides, I’ve been told I have great genes (as if people can tell by looking at you?), and I look at least five years younger than I am. Good thing, since I ACT about ten years younger than I am.

I’m a writer and editor with a tragically limited vocabulary. I guess it’s my equivalent of not bringing my work home with me. Except that, if you ask my co-workers, I don’t really bringing it to work with me either. I write and speak in slang and punctuate with four letter words. Despite an English lit. degree under my belt, I almost never read classic literature or postmodern literature or literature of any kind. Every time I try to read a “smart” book, it hurts my head. I get bored. I need something shiny to entertain me. So, it’s all about romance novels and young adult books and the sporadic comic book. (I wasn’t so sporadic in high school and college and the two boxes in my parents’ basement can bear witness.) I love shoot ’em up movies and sci-fi, and yet won’t say no to a Lifetime movie if it’s really, really, spectacularly cheesy. (Tiffani Amber Thiessen in Buried Secrets, I’m just sayin’.)

I have no real method to the madness of this blog. I have no idea what’s in store for me or for you, the potential reader.

I have severe doubts as to anyone reading this without me rounding up all my friends (all five of you) and saying, “Hey, lookie here!” but, hey, you never know until you try.
Though, given how I stumbled upon the name for this place, maybe it’s “you never know until you’re Ty.”

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