The nonstop entertainment of Craigslist’s Missed Connections

I have a slew of blogs and sites I visit every morning and several times throughout the day. It’s my daily tour, including sites like Midtown Lunch (a midtown NY foodie blog), Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books (fairly self-explanatory), the Menupages.Com restaurant reviews, and the cesspool that is Craigslist’s Missed Connections page.

I can blame my friend Heather for my MC addiction. She mentioned one day that she likes reading the items, gets great amusement out of them, and sent me the link. Lo and behold, two years later and I’m still hooked. It’s a sordid mishmash of honest romantic inclinations, porny hookups, and random crazy shit.

More than anything, the MC page is a cautionary tale, a map of New York that tells you which sports club showers and bar bathrooms to avoid because somebody did something [CENSORED!] to somebody in them. Okay, not that I routinely hang out at Splash or the Cock anyway, but you never know…!

A couple of days ago, I even think somebody might have been looking for me. The headline of the post spelled something similar to my name about four different ways and the missive inside was brief, cryptic, from some guy wanting to speak with me. I don’t remember meeting any guys with his particular name in my recent sojourns into the New York nightlife, but you never know…!

I think my favorite MC entry, though, was the one from a guy who had been in a steam room with Matt Cavenaugh, hadn’t made a move, and now wanted to hook up. Yes, because that’s the perfect way to contact someone appearing on Broadway, via Craigslist.Org! I laughed and laughed. Doubt that worked for ya, Dude. But, again, you never know!

The futility and frustration of trying to make a human connection in a city this huge, this teeming with people, definitely comes through when cruising a site like that. You see it all boiled down to the basics: sex, attraction, loneliness, need. It’s reality TV without the TV, that drive to belch forth your personal business to the world in the hopes that it makes you a little less alone. The name says it all: “missed connections.” That’s what so many of us are missing these days, connectivity, a tie to someone else.

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