I’m Out of Book Puns: November Reads

Political fatigue — and then political angst — killed my appetite for books in November…but I still managed to squeeze in some BIG winners!

anextraordinaryunionAlyssa Cole’s An Extraordinary Union is going to catapult this talented author to the next level, and I’m so glad I got to read an early copy! The Edge of the Blade is a gorgeous addition to Jeffe Kennedy’s fantasy series for Kensington, and I can’t wait to see where she takes the characters next! And Beyond Surrender…damn. What do I say about this series-ender that would even encompass all my feels? The team behind Kit Rocha gorgeously wrap up this chapter of their sexy dystopian saga while opening the door to a new one. I would’ve been sobbing at several points during this book if I hadn’t been devouring it in public!

beyondsurrenderAn Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole (out 3/28/17, historical romance)
Driven to Distraction by Olivia Dade (out 1/17/17, contemporary romance)
The Edge of the Blade by Jeffe Kennedy (out 12/27, fantasy romance)
Stealing Mr. Right by Tamara Morgan (out 3/7/17, contemporary romance)
Bad Neighbor by Molly O’Keefe (erotic romance)
One Hot December by Tiffany Reisz (category-length erotic romance)
Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha (out 12/13, dystopian erotic romance)
My Scandalous Duke by Theresa Romain (historical romance)

I also climbed into Judith McNaught’s backlist to read Perfect, which definitely lived up to its name.


A Sense of Shelf: February Reads

How is it March already?! Fortunately, for a short month, February still provided plenty of time to pick up a good book! Here’s what I read and really enjoyed.

BeyondRuinThe Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (women’s fiction, contemporary romance)
Cold-hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas (historical romance)
Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren (new adult erotic romance)
The True King of Dahaar by Tara Pammi (contemporary category-length romance)
Act Like It by Lucy Parker (contemporary romance)
Beyond Ruin by Kit Rocha (postapocalyptic erotic romance)
Fortune Favors the Wicked by Theresa Romain (out 3/29, historical romance)
Consumed By Fire by Anne Stuart (romantic suspense)
Summer Chaparral by Genevieve Turner (historical romance)

The Mistress of My Domain

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they must put up or shut up. For me, today is that day. After four years, I’ve finally attached a domain name to this blog: badnecklace.com. I actually leaned more heavily towards “.net” initially, because it has a more poetic ring to it. However, when it comes to sheer practicality and name recognition, a “.com” has a certain pull. Maybe just a dash of gravitas, too. It means I’m serious. You hear that, self? I’m serious!

This will continue to be my drop zone for pop culture meandering, occasional food nattering, and intermittent rantiness. But, now, it’s less like a rental and more like a home! So, pull up a chair, grab a seat on the couch (you can’t have the papasan; it’s mine) and join me for a house warming party that never ends!

“Real America”: The sweet land of bigotry.

Why, in these last few weeks leading up to the Presidential election, is there such a need to define what makes someone a “real” American? Why the divisiveness, and the implication that edumacated, elitist big city folks just don’t understand the toils and troubles of the average, homespun “real” America? Well, I’ve looked at it backwards and forwards and upside down and the only conclusion I can come to is that it’s the GOP’s alternative to just coming out and saying “Don’t vote for the black guy with the funny name.”

Othering Barack Obama in any way they can is their only shot right now of pulling voters’ minds away from the economic crisis and the desperate belief that we, as a nation, need a change. Telling people that change is BAD, that this smart, competent man can’t relate to the Heartland and is somehow misrepresenting himself and will, therefore, screw Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plumber, and Joe Blow over… that’s the only weapon they have left.

And as someone who grew up in Ohio and now lives in New York City, I think that’s utter and complete bull. What a way to completely gloss over the fact that there are just as many highly educated elitists in Middle America as there are blue collar folks in our big cities! The socioeconomic divide is hardly regional and perpetuating that myth is doubly and triply offensive because New York City and Washington D.C. are the sites of one of this nation’s biggest tragedies. You cannot use 9/11 as one of your parties talking points and then turn around and say that where that tragedy happened isn’t “real America.” Gee, I guess it’s only real America when you need to appropriate its tragedy for political gain, huh?

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Welcome to the jewelry box.

Welcome to bad necklace: not quite pearls of wisdom, a blog for rambling natterings on writing, the Big Apple, growing up desi in the American Midwest, and whatever the heck else occurs to me.

The name “bad necklace,” comes from one of many crazy nights with my friends Ty and Tiffany. I made the mistake of kvetching about how Spanish-speaking people always think my parents had a twisted sense of humor. “Yes, yes, I know what my name means and no, no they did NOT name me ‘bad’ on purpose.” They named me the Bengali word for “necklace.” Ty, who keeps insisting I’m from Idaho or Nebraska despite my Ohioan pride, dubbed me “bad necklace,” that night and has called me that ever since.

Now I’ve finally bitten the bullet and joined the individual blog revolution. Mind you, this does not mean I am some neophyte, wandering around the Internet and encountering cries of “LOL! N00b!” I’ve done the LiveJournal thing, done the MySpace thing, and feel that, now, as I teeter on the edge of turning 30 and also celebrate my third year living in the wilds of New York City, it’s time to try something new. If this fails miserably, expect this thing to disappear with little to no fanfare. “Nothing to see here, move it along.”

As I said above, I’m almost 30. The big 2-9…. the age many women choose to stay forever. Personally, I’m ready to get the Hell into the next decade. Besides, I’ve been told I have great genes (as if people can tell by looking at you?), and I look at least five years younger than I am. Good thing, since I ACT about ten years younger than I am.

I’m a writer and editor with a tragically limited vocabulary. I guess it’s my equivalent of not bringing my work home with me. Except that, if you ask my co-workers, I don’t really bringing it to work with me either. I write and speak in slang and punctuate with four letter words. Despite an English lit. degree under my belt, I almost never read classic literature or postmodern literature or literature of any kind. Every time I try to read a “smart” book, it hurts my head. I get bored. I need something shiny to entertain me. So, it’s all about romance novels and young adult books and the sporadic comic book. (I wasn’t so sporadic in high school and college and the two boxes in my parents’ basement can bear witness.) I love shoot ’em up movies and sci-fi, and yet won’t say no to a Lifetime movie if it’s really, really, spectacularly cheesy. (Tiffani Amber Thiessen in Buried Secrets, I’m just sayin’.)

I have no real method to the madness of this blog. I have no idea what’s in store for me or for you, the potential reader.

I have severe doubts as to anyone reading this without me rounding up all my friends (all five of you) and saying, “Hey, lookie here!” but, hey, you never know until you try.
Though, given how I stumbled upon the name for this place, maybe it’s “you never know until you’re Ty.”