New Year, New-ish Goals

A few months before my birthday last year, I composed a lofty post with 40 Things To Do When I Turn 40. Now, here I am facing down 41 and realizing that I never completed that list. There were 14 things undone! So, this year, I’m giving myself another challenge: Knock out those 14 items AND complete 17 more.

(Yes, a ton of these goals are food-related. Because that is just the kind of person I am!)

1. Go axe-throwing.
2. Get a massage (I’ve STILL yet to have one).
3. Get some soul food.
4. Go to an arcade or Dave & Buster’s-esque place for Skee-Ball.
5. Vacation some place warm.
6. Get purple highlights.
7. Make out with somebody.
8. Win the Hamilton lottery (LOL!).
9. Go on a good date!
10. Visit a state I haven’t been to before.
11. Learn how to make samosas.
12. Take a boxing workout class. DONE!
13. Plan that bucket-list trip to Scotland to tour some scotch distilleries.
14. Do pub trivia.
15. Finish writing another book.
16. Finally buy myself a DVD player.
17. Visit a place with historical or natural significance (The Grand Canyon, Washington D.C., etc).
18. Take a dance class.
19. See Captain Marvel.
20. Try another regional cuisine I’ve never had before.

21. Buy a shmancy bottle of peaty scotch (I drank the one from 2018, okay?).
22. Go back to NYC for a visit.
23. Go back to my hometown for a visit.
24. Go on a winery tour in Napa or the Finger Lakes.
25. Get cheese in Wisconsin.
26. Learn how to make fried chicken.
27. Attend a puja or Holi or Diwali celebration.
28. Make a new friend.
29. Reconnect with an old friend.
30. Book some professional speaking engagements/lead workshops.
31. Teach myself to write screenplays.
32. See Avengers: Endgame.
33. Get the tattoo on my arm touched up or inked over.
34. Beat my 2018 reading record by at least five titles.
35. Do one of those wine-and-pottery classes.
36. Go to Pequod’s for pizza.
37. Get frozen custard from Scooter’s.
38. Eat a Chicago-style hot dog (with absolutely NO ketchup!).
39. Take the Metra somewhere.
40. Get better at speaking Hindi.
41. Accept and embrace that I’m allowed to be happy.

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