40 Things To Do When I Turn 40

Forty. Damn. I can honestly say that I didn’t think I’d ever get to this milestone. (And it’s still more than a month away, so maybe I need to knock on some wood!) I’ve been trying to think of how to celebrate the Big 4-O and discarding plans at every turn. International travel? Who has money for that? Vegas? Moooney. Disney World? Yeah, you get the picture. So, in lieu of making my friends go on some splashy, expensive, trip with me in the middle of winter, I’ve decided to make a list of 40 things I want to do in and around February. I don’t expect to get them all done, but you never know!

1. Go axe-throwing at Kick Axe in Brooklyn.
2. Get a massage. (I’ve never, ever, had one! Can you believe it?)
3. Have a staycation night at the Library Hotel or some other shmancy place. DONE!
4. Go to Red Rooster for lunch or brunch.
5. Go to Barcade.
6. Visit the Guggenheim.
7. Visit the Museum of Sex.
8. Go back to Dave & Buster’s for some Skee-Ball!
9. Hit up Tea & Sympathy again.
10. Have a drink at Deacon Brodie’s for old times’ sake.
11. Do the boozy-snacky movie experience at the Nitehawk or Alamo Drafthouse.
12. Wander the indoor parts of the New York Botanical Gardens.
13. Start or finish another book.
14. Successfully dye my hair purple.
15. Get (or at least settle on) another tattoo!
16. See Black Panther multiple times.
17. Make out with somebody.
18. Eat a churro. (Yes, I’ve never had a churro. IDK why!) DONE!
19. Get TKTS same-day tickets for a Broadway show.
20. Win the Hamilton lottery (hahahahahahahahahaha)
21. Go on a date! (A good date, not a bad date!)
22. Finally visit the Bronx Zoo.
23. Try an egg cream!
24. Go to Chinatown in Flushing.
25. Have a dosa at the Ganesh Temple Canteen in Flushing.
26. See Proud Mary. DONE!
27. See Annihilation.
28. See A Wrinkle in Time.
29. See Pacific Rim: Uprising (yes, we’re into late March now; I don’t care!).
30. Go to D.C. for a weekend and hit up the museums.
31. Level up in Indian cooking and learn how to make an appetizer or a dessert!
32. Take a boxing class.
33. Plan that Scotland whiskey trip I’ve been wanting to do for years.
34. Do karaoke.
35. Do pub trivia.
36. Have a chocolate martini.
37. Try an author I’ve never read before.
38. Figure out where I’m moving next!
39. Splurge and buy myself a nice bottle of peaty single-malt scotch.
40. Pick a nice/favorite restaurant to have dinner on my actual birthday. No spending that day alone! DONE!


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