First Look: Lisa Marie Perry’s Sin For Me

Lisa Marie Perry
Sin For Me
Loveswept / February 21, 2017 /
$2.99 digital

If you love FOX’s sudsy Empire, then Lisa Marie Perry’s sizzling Sin For Me is a must-read! The twisted, drama-soaked first book in the Devil’s Music duology is set amidst the Atlanta music scene, at a record label that’s growing new talent and age-old feuds. Dangerous wild-child Delilah Bishop, voted out of her family’s company by her three best friends, Joshua Drake, Emma Toledo and Chelsea Coin, wants back in at any cost. She’ll burn things down (literally), wreck marriages — and even throw her own brother, songwriter Dante Bishop, under the bus to get what she wants. But what Delilah doesn’t realize is that Devil’s Music holds its own allure for Dante — in the form of chief operating officer Chelsea, the woman who betrayed him and still enthralls him.

Her smile could command his heartbeat. Her touch could freeze his mind and light his body on fire. Her pussy was immortalized in the hip-hop/R&B song “In You,” which remained unfinished and unsung, confined to the pages of an old notebook.

Funny how his church’s priest had never said that evil could be beautiful, could sound like the most unforgettable melody, could feel so damn good wrapped around you.

Evil was Chelsea, a woman who’d turned his love against him, betrayed everyone in her way, and preyed on a friend’s mental instability.

Though Dante and Chelsea are very much a love story, Sin For Me is an erotic tale of obsession and the choices that define you. Lisa Marie Perry pulls no punches discussing betrayal, revenge, hip-hop rivalries and the impact that the South’s ugly history of slavery still has on people today. She doesn’t shy away from her protagonist’s dark sides — from Delilah’s self-destruction to Chelsea’s need for self-harm to Joshua’s penchant for cheating and Emma’s kinks. Nobody here is a saint…but as Billy Joel says, the sinners are much more fun! (I know, I know, a Billy Joel joke in a write-up of a book about R&B and hip-hop…don’t tell the Bishops!) If you get reeled in by the treacherous antics of Cookie and Lucious and Boo Boo Kitty, Sin For Me is in the same scandalous wheelhouse, with forbidden sexcapades and corporate back-stabbing galore — but all of the sex and skullduggery is still based in human emotions, rife with need and ambition. The characters don’t just act out for the sake of drama.

Thrilled at the thought of him pushing her back against the leather and tearing away her undies, she almost shucked the task off to him. But she’d already arrived at headquarters sex-disheveled once this month and didn’t want to show up tonight in just her romper.

“I got it,” she said, and it registered. She was doing this, taking off her camisole and tossing it out of the way, peeling down her underwear… She was going to have sex with Dante Bishop in a company limousine.

This opportunity wouldn’t come again. Once he agreed to terms with Devil’s Music, he’d belong to the company and would only do his job, then he’d return to a blueberry farm in Washington.

They had twenty minutes to themselves, maybe double that if traffic was clogged. A fierce half-hour fuck might not fully satisfy, but she didn’t care.

The last time they’d had sex, it had started out amazing but ended tragically. This limo ride would replace that night in his bed.

He said he hasn’t come back to give her closure. Well, she’d just have to take it.

Sin For Me is a stand-out in Loveswept’s 2017 catalogue — risky, dark, decadent and all-consuming. It’s a binge-watch in book form, and aside from Dante and Chelsea’s happily ever after, there’s no clues as to how it’s all going to end! Can Joshua and Emma’s marriage survive an intriguing third party who comes into their midst? Will Delilah get her company back or spiral out and lose herself? Will Devil’s Music blow apart or rise to the top of the charts once more? Sign with Sin For Me to start an album you’ll want to play on repeat!

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