Book What the Cat Dragged In: June Reads

June’s over already? What? I don’t believe you. But here’s here’s what I read during the month that stood out:

SummerRain Wicked Temptation, by Zoë Archer (historical romance)
 What a Duke Dares, by Anna Campbell (out 8/26, historical romance)
 Looking for Trouble, by Victoria Dahl (out 7/29, contemporary romance)
 A Promise By Daylight, by Alison DeLaine (out 8/26, historical romance)
 Witch With No Name, by Kim Harrison (out 9/9, urban fantasy)
*Check out my feature on the Hollows in the September issue of RT Book Reviews.
 The Mark of the Tala, by Jeffe Kennedy (fantasy/romance)
 Summer Rain, by Ruthie Knox, Cecilia Tan and more (contemporary/historical/sci-fi romance anthology)
 Suddenly Last Summer, by Sarah Morgan (out 6/24, contemporary romance)
 Fit, by Rebekah Weatherspoon (erotic romance, e-novella)

In terms of backlist catch-up, I kicked off June by reading Caught in the Act by Jill Sorenson, which I really liked.

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