Book Out Below: December Reads

Thanks to yet another novella glom, my December showing was pretty darn good!

Undying, by Cyndy Aleo (contemporary romance, paranormal, e-book)
Wild Justice, by Kelley Armstrong (romantic suspense)
ChocolateHeartThe Dom Project, by Heloise Belleau & Solace Ames (erotic romance, e-book)
Driftwood Deeds, by Laila Blake (erotic romance, e-novella)
Twisted, by Laura K. Curtis (romantic suspense, e-book)
The Chocolate Heart, by Laura Florand (contemporary romance)
One Night in Santiago, by Audra North (contemporary romance, e-novella)
First Sinners, by Kate Pearce (erotic historical romance, e-novella)
A Perfect Holiday Fling, by Farrah Rochon (contemporary romance, e-novella)
Dream of Danger, by Maggie Shayne (romantic suspense/thriller, e-novella)

My backlist adventures included Farrah Rochon’s I’ll Catch You, from her acclaimed New York Sabers series. I must now glom them ALL. I also kicked it way, way old school and zipped through Sandra Kitt’s classic interracial romance The Color of Love. And then I zipped through Anne Stuart’s Black Ice. Additionally, I am making the epic trek through George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons. Maybe I’ll finish it in January.

End of the year stats: 128 good, recommendable, stories read. I averaged 11 satisfying books a month, with the highest number being 16 and the lowest being four. Wow.

Not too shabby!

In 2014, let’s shoot for 150. ;)

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