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I’m not really a huge fan of Freudian or Jungian psychology, but DAYS’ Melanie seems to have one serious Electra Complex! Her hero worship of Daniel is so beyond being a “Daddy’s girl” that it’s almost uncomfortable to watch. That’s not to say that I think there’s anything sexual going on (Come on people, I’m not analyzing it like that!), I just think her attachment is at this overblown, hyper-emotional level, where Daniel has, basically, become a god figure to her. His approval, his emotional safety, is more important to her than her own. He can do no wrong. He’s perfect. Whereas her mother, Carly, is the one who is fallible, flawed, and deserving of constant censure. Chloe, another psychological mother figure, given her status as Melanie’s stepmother, is a “tramp,” while Daniel’s own checkered romantic past is completely ignored.

It actually makes sense, given how Melanie grew up with Trent and he was absolutely awful. Of course she would welcome a better father figure and cling to them. I think she probably looks for a paternal quality in all the men in her life: Daniel, Brady, and, yes, Philip. Philip is older; he offered her security with just a dash of danger. He’s, well, a sugar daddy! But when he betrayed her trust, she turned back to Daniel…ready to align with him, to take Parker away from Philip and Chloe. Essentially creating a new family unit, with this mentality of “We don’t need them, we have each other!” I found that incredibly telling, and more than a bit disconcerting.

Yesterday’s episode almost seemed to reach a crescendo, as Melanie wrung her hands over how to reveal her pregnancy. “I need to know how I’m supposed to tell my dad that I’m having a baby with the man that destroyed his life,” she moaned to Maggie. And, then, when she finally dropped the bombshell, she acted almost as though she were at fault, expecting Daniel to punish her somehow. (Kudos to Molly Burnett for playing Melanie’s Daniel adoration so acutely!)

I think it’s particularly fascinating, because over on B&B, Taylor is constantly spouting off about Thomas’ Oedipus Complex with Brooke. Relationships like Thomas/Brooke and Melanie/Daniel have existed on daytime for years, but we haven’t ever seen someone actually slap a psychological label on it until now. I would love to see Melanie actually seek some therapy to deal with how she deifies Daniel and is constantly looking for parental approval from the males in her life!


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