Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

This is likely not a surprise to anyone, but I really enjoy ATWT’s Reid. The character isn’t just a “breath of fresh air,” he’s a gust of wind knocking everybody in Oakdale off their feet — especially Luke. Of course, the fun thing is that Luke has his own method for keeping master of snark Reid off-balance — doing it literally! I love that he shoves Reid around when he gets all worked up by their exchanges. (Let’s face it, that’s the kind of thing a male/female relationship can’t quite get away with. The misogyny policewoman in me would be screaming if, say, Jack did that to Carly.) 

Luke and Reid not only get a rise out of each other, they really know how to hit where it hurts. For people who profess to loathe each other, they sure know each other pretty well! Yesterday, Luke called Reid out on being defensive, and on allowing his patient’s father to beat him up as punishment for his perceived failure. Meanwhile, Reid correctly diagnosed Luke as guilt-ridden and needy and unable to give Noah any space. If they can’t stand each other, why is there such a need to understand each other, hmmm? That’s the kind of stuff a great soap attraction is made of: antipathy, banter and a pull to one another despite every rational instinct saying, “Don’t go there!” 

Having spoken to both Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid) and Van Hansis (Luke), I know they’re enjoying playing out this “whatever it is” between their characters. I’m certainly enjoying watching them! Yesterday’s scenes were just a little tease, and I can’t wait to see how LuRe’s dynamic progresses. Luke is a very emotional character who doesn’t hesitate to share everything he feels, while Reid channels all of hisemotion into being a jerk, because it’s safer than letting someone in. But, with subtle flinches and lingering looks, Eric has already done a great job of showing viewers that Luke has gotten past a few of Reid’s perimeter alarms. I wonder what will happen if and when our annoyingly, endearingly persistent Mr. Snyder makes Dr. Oliver’s walls come down?

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