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You know what? Maybe GH just needs to stay away from stories about violence against women. Because they’re not doing ANY better with Kiefer beating Kristina than they did with the retread of Elizabeth’s rape during her affair with Nikolas. 

I can barely watch this storyline…and not just because poor Lexi Ainsworth‘s face looks like raw meat, but because it’s a storyline all about the men involved suffering. It’s about Ethan being wrongly accused by a liar, about Sonny flashing back yet again to the tale of Deke beating Adella. It’s about Sonny’s fury at Ethan. Hell, it’s even about Sam’s guilt over Kristina following in her footsteps and her needing Jason to absolve her of said guilt! It’s about everything except the young girl who is the victim of violence. She’s a prop, so we can have Dante soften towards Sonny and have fans empathize with Ethan — who still hasn’t been fully accepted as Luke’s love child with Holly. 

I was actually appalled when Sonny broke down at Kristina’s bed side, talking about his mom being worked over while he was locked in the closet. Is that really appropriate chatter for your battered teenager to hear? Thank God she was asleep! And Sonny maintaining that none of his kids were “supposed to go through anything like this” rang hollow, because this is the man who has willfully put his kids in danger for years. They were all kidnapped by Faith because of his lifestyle. Michael was shot because of his lifestyle. Michael killed Claudia because of his lifestyle. And Sonny SHOT DANTE POINT-BLANK IN THE CHEST. Need I go on? Violence surrounds everyone Sonny cares about. 

And the one time what happened to his child is not actually about Sonny specifically, he still manages to make it about himself! Fer cryin’ out loud, Sonny, how about being there for Krissy instead? 

But, of course, I do think Sonny has some culpability for Kristina and Kiefer’s abusive relationship. While he was threatening Ethan and hollering about killing him to everyone in a ten mile radius, I just wanted to be like, “Dude, the reason Kristina’s with an abusive guy is because she thinks how you treat people is normal.” Power, control, yelling…that’s all Kristina has seen from her father her entire life. And it’s no wonder she thinks she has to protect Kiefer, because that’s all the women in Sonny’s life do: protect, excuse, explain away, all while saying, “He’s a good father.” 

And, again, that’s what we’re seeing onscreen. Sonny’s reacting this way because he’s a good father! It’s proper parenting to run around willy-nilly, threatening to kill people! He even growled at Dante for not acting like a good older brother… all because Dante didn’t advocate Ethan’s brains being splattered all over the Haunted Star. 

Oy. Geez. Can we give it a break? 

Because, frankly, I’ve had enough of women being roughed up on this show just to make guys look like the heroes. And I’ve had enough of victimhood, and reducing a woman down to nothing except what was done to her. I guess I should feel lucky that Ethan hasn’t talked about how he fell in love with the girl he found curled up on the floor of the lake house…echoing Lucky weeping over losing the girl who crawled out of the bushes. But, hey, give it six months and I’m sure he will!

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