The obligatory Kish day reaction post.

I’ll have a more articulate reaction over in the WEEKLY blog tomorrow. For right now…? Here is my wholly unprofessional, fangirlish reaction to today’s OLTL: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I mean, okay, it wasn’t exactly the most uplifting of scenes, what with Fish yet again pushing Kyle away, but what it was was honest, and so well acted and well written.

Kyle: You tell me that our relationship, the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever had in my life, by the way, what…what? A layover for you? And then you ask me if we’re cool? No, we’re not cool.
Oliver: I didn’t mean for it to sound that way.
Kyle: What way? Why do you care? I mean, our relationship wasn’t real, right? So obviously my feelings don’t matter.
Oliver: Come on, I didn’t say that.
Kyle: Well, I guess I imagined all those times of you gettin’ drunk and crawling into my bed confused, huh?
Oliver: Keep it down!
Kyle: (dropping his voice) Is this better? Now you don’t have to worry about people finding out how you’d get drunk and cry in my arms, layin’ in bed late at night, terrified about what you’d do if your parents found out.
Oliver: I don’t remember that.
Kyle: I guess you don’t remember telling me you loved me, huh? How could you? You were confused.

Just. Wow. Scott Evans and Brett Claywell just played the intensity and the history so well. The vocal inflections and their body language said so much! And I really, really adored the simple moment of comfort when Kyle touched Fish’s arm and kissed his shoulder and they clutched hands. How often can something that simple have so much emotional resonance?

And how heartbreaking was it when Kyle covered for Fish with Cristian, effectively denying their relationship? To turn his back on the most important relationship in his life because that’s what Fish needs from him…ouch.

I also have to give a massive, massive shout-out to ATWT’s Snyder clan, who rocked today’s scenes where they dealt with Holden’s death. Noelle Beck looked completely ravaged, the little boy who played Ethan broke my heart, I loved Ashley Greiner‘s Faith lashing out at Damian and Van Hansis was wonderful at portraying Luke’s anguish. But the best moments belonged to Emma, with Kathleen Widdoes perfectly playing the mix of anger and disbelief.

I also momentarily lost the power to think, breathe and really do much of anything useful during the end of today’s B&B, thanks to Don Diamont and his portrayal of Bill Spencer.  But we’ll talk about his effect on my brain functions in the WEEKLY blog as well!  :)

2 thoughts on “The obligatory Kish day reaction post.

  1. I cannot stop watching the Oliver and Kyle scenes from today’s OLTL. I have to wonder whether the head writer for OLTL went through this type of experience in his own life because for those of us who did go through something similar to what Oliver and Kyle had in college, today’s scenes between the two men were so resonant and powerful because they were brutally honest and authentic. Oliver’s continuing denial and Kyle’s anger at Oliver for not respecting their past the same way that Kyle does carried such an oomph to it that it was almost like a gut punch. The clasping of hands between Kyle and Oliver conveyed so much in so little: it was hot, sexy, romantic and when Kyle leaned in to be close to Oliver as he buried his head in Oliver’s shoulder/back, that scene telegraphed a palpable love that sometimes images convey better than words. To me, that scene, where Oliver and Kyle literally leaned on and supported each other physically, is reminiscent of Annie Proulx’s “Brokeback Mountain” and how she described that touching scene by the fireplace where a sleepy Jack leaned against Ennis during the final days of that fateful summer.

    Brett Claywell and Scott Evans continue to impress me with each new episode, and I just hope this caliber of writing, direction and performance continues with this Kish saga…


    1. Yeah, I have my fingers crossed that the overall quality of this storyline will continue!

      When Kyle leaned in and buried his face in Oliver’s shoulder, it totally conveyed everything without words, as did the way Oliver clutched his hand.


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