I was doing some blog maintenance this morning, making some posts through July of this year public, and it occurred to me that you can really chart how my opinion about something goes through an evolution…primarily because of the ongoing nature of soaps. A story that starts out with an inkling of promise –like Y&R’s Adam and Rafe, for instance– can quickly go off the rails. I started out kind of excited about A/R, or at least kind of intrigued. Oh, how the worm does turn.

Back in May, I got all squicked out because B&B seemed to be going the sexual harassment route with Jackie and Owen, but now they’re one of my favorite couples on that show! I also found my vitriolic rant about ATWT’s Ameera from April of ’08. I’m kind of sad that I haven’t been able to rant on that theme again, since daytime hasn’t tried to broach a different religion again.

I don’t think I’m a flip-flopper, or someone who doesn’t stick to her guns. I have a very basic sense of what flies with me and what doesn’t. But I’m always willing to learn, to change, and to adjust my expectations based on new developments.

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