Oh, yeah (on the radio).

I am a guest on today’s We Love Soaps podcast.

In the eighth installment of WLS’ fun and informative podcast, I dish diversity, soaps’ LGBT storylines, why B&B is awesome, and my school truancy record with hosts Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs.

Give it a listen!

And please assure me that I don’t sound like a dork. I’m fragile! LOL.

2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah (on the radio).

  1. That was a very good podcast, Mala! I enjoyed hearing about your background and your thoughts on B&B since I don’t watch that show. I may just check it out now because you did such a good job selling it!

    I’ve listened to some other soap podcasts but I like the way Roger and Damon run theirs because it doesn’t get obnoxious or too rowdy like some other podcasts where the focus just gets lost among the “trying hard to be witty and funny banter.”

    And, no, you didn’t sound like a dork at all! You should do more of these.


    1. Thanks, James! I did make quite a case for B&B, didn’t I? LOL. I can’t help it, it’s a show I really enjoy.

      And, yes, Roger, Damon, and Michael do a great job with their podcast. They have set topics they try to focus on, and comedy comes naturally from what they discuss, rather than them trying to banter. I mean, you could probably hear me laughing hysterically a couple of times…and it was just because something was organically funny!

      Glad I didn’t sound like a dork! :) I had fun doing it and would love to do it again.


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