Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Hey, Y&R, what’s the dealio? Why wait till now to flesh out Rafe? Just because Colleen is back to be his talk-to? Couldn’t we have seen the flashes of depth we saw yesterday before he got busy with Adam? Viewers tend to like a little dimension to characters, especially when they’re suddenly part of a front-burner story. Yesterday was the first time I felt like Rafe was a character and not just a plot point, a simple device in Adam’s Grand Scheme. And — I’m about to freak even myself out here — I actually saw a flicker of heat between him and Adam. Their Very Meaningful But Chaste Hug was nice. Mind you, I’m still not rooting for them or suggesting pairing names and fan campaigns. I’m just acknowledging that Adam’s crazy plot is actually developing a mildly believable component now that Rafe has more to do than just react like a deer in headlights. BTW…? If Rafe were to hook up with John Driscoll‘s soon-to-debut Chance, we could call them “Chafe.” LOL! In fact, I don’t care if they hook up or not, I’m going to call them that anyway! 

On another relationship front, there’s B&B’s Bill and Katie, who are mighty hot. I can’t help it, I have a thing for tales of heartless bastards and the ingenues who love them. (I read a lot of romance novels.) Watching Katie get to jaded Bill is kinda swoonworthy, and Heather Tom and Don Diamont  look like they’re having so much fun. I’ve actually talked to them both about the pairing, and they’re definitely psyched! So am I! 

Last but not least, I have to give props to ATWT for tying off Carly’s alcoholism storyline with genuinely well-written scenes and powerhouse performances. My heart broke watching Rosanna, Parker, Craig and Jack all reach out to a desperate, desolate Carly. Mick Hazen (Parker) has grown into quite the actor; I loved when Parker blocked the door and confronted his mom. Jon Lindstrom (Craig), Cady McClain (Rosanna), and Julie Pinson (Janet) all brought their A games, conveying Craig’s helpless anguish, Ro’s levelheaded compassion, and Janet’s conflict over helping her husband’s ex-wife. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that yesterdaybelonged to Maura West and Michael Park. Call it a bias, call it what you want, but I feel like Carly and Jack have something truly special: that magical, dysfunctional, achy thing that makes a soap couple truly stand out. The entire intervention was emotionally wrenching, but it was Jack getting through to Carly that choked me up. It’s that kind of connection that keeps me coming back to Carjack over and over in this blog!


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