Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I’m going to try and hit a few different shows in this entry, including Y&R, NBC’s MERLIN, and B&B — with no mentions of Rafe/Adam, babies or hats! 

Holy HIPAA violation, Batman! Y&R’s Olivia told Neil and Devon about Lily’s cancer diagnosis before telling the patient herself? Last I checked, Lily is a twice married, grown woman. First Neil brings her a teddy bear to make her feel better, and then he tells her about her biopsy coming back positive? All the while insisting that Cane should be kept away from her? I know daughters are their daddy’s little girls forever (Hi, Dad! I love you!) but that is ridiculous. She’s not a child. Neil’s righteous indignation about Cane rings extra hollow considering he’s dating Tyra, who lied about her identity for years! However, I’m glad we got a Dru mention out of today’s scenes. Neil and Olivia’s bittersweet scenes about Lily and her mother were incredibly poignant. 

And in a note not relating to the Winters family, why are we watching talented actors like Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Emily O’Brien (Jana), and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) talk about marketing chipmunk merchandise? How about seeing Kevin in therapy instead? That’s where the real payoff for the character should be! 

Joe’s usually our primetime guy, but since I’m the one who told him to watch MERLIN, it’s only fair that I get to talk about it, too! It’s a total guilty pleasure series that I’ve really grown to enjoy. Sure, there’s a pat “enchantment of the week” element, and the special effects are B-grade, but the cast is so darn charming that the show puts a smile on my face. Colin Morgan, who plays the title role of the young, budding sorcerer, is a cutie pie. His contagious grin lends the character a mischievous, child-like quality. You just want to take him home and feed him soup, even when he manages to pull off a fantastic feat of magic. Bradley James, as the spoiled but well-meaning “once and future king,” Arthur, is the perfect counterpoint to Merlin. This Sunday’s episode put a little more focus on Morgana, played by the stunning Katie McGrath, who is starting to become aware of the powers that will eventually turn her into a sorceress of legend. And following in the path of other multiracial British shows like TORCHWOOD and ROBIN HOOD, MERLIN features black actress Angel Coulby as the headstrong and passionate Gwen (aka Guinevere!). I can’t wait to see who ends up with who, because right now the romantic possibilities are endless! 

The possibilities are also endless with Whip back on B&B. There’s a reason B&B is #1 in the world, and that’s because it has a hilarious, universal, over-the-top quality that transcends language. It’s just plain fun. And the return of Rick Hearst as Whip illustrates that beautifully. His scenes at Jackie M on Friday, with Nick shutting the door in his face and then Pam’s infamous lemon bars, were incredibly entertaining. You can just tell that Hearst is having a good time — and he’s said as much to me in our interviews. Today’s cute little tease of Whip/Brooke was great! Consummate soap heroine Katherine Kelly Lang has been giving the waterproof mascara a workout lately, thanks to Brooke’s drama with Ridge, and it’s about time we saw Brooke’s radiant smile again!

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