Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Dude, I think I’ve blogged every day this week. Go, me! And today, I actually have overwhelmingly positive things to say. Not only that, but they’re positive things about GENERAL HOSPITAL, which I know I’m usually not so complimentary towards. So, to kick things off: I love newcomer Drew Garrett as Michael!

I think he’s fantastic. Mad props to casting director Mark Teschner, because not only does this kid physically look like a Carly/AJ/Jason hybrid, but he can more than hold his own in a scene. I mean, he commands attention from a hospital bed, across from veteran actors like Laura Wright (Carly), Steve Burton (Jason), and Maurice Benard (Sonny)…and that is huge. Today, as Michael raged at Robin in full-on “Anger Boy” mode, I cringed for her but felt for him. As he opened up to Jason about wanting to get out of the hospital, I really felt his frustration and fear. I wanted to take him home and feed him soup and tell him everything was going to be okay.

It’s hard for me to get used to newbies and recasts — especially given how GH tends to have a few young men join the show every year — so I tend to try and reserve judgment until new faces have been on a while. But Garrett knocked my socks off almost from the get-go. I really can’t wait to see his Michael unleashed on Port Charles.

I’m also really enjoying Johnny and Olivia’s no-strings, extended hook-up. Since GH seems determined to keep Maxie in Spinelli’s orbit, I’m glad they’re at least utilizing Johnny’s newfound flirtatious streak and he’s getting some home cooked pasta to boot. Plus, Olivia has been on the show since last fall and it’s about time she got a little lovin’. The fact that it drives Sonny crazy? A huuuuge bonus! Hee!


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