Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Oh, hell, no. Yes, that’s not the best way to kick off a blog entry, but sometimes, “Oh, hell, no,” is really the most eloquent way to sum up how one feels — especially when it comes to B&B and the revelation of what ammo Bill has against Eric. 

I make no bones about the fact that B&B is one of my favorite soaps, but that doesn’t mean I watch it with blinders on. We all know that B&B is set in the whitest, straightest Los Angeles ever, right? It’s been that way for years, despite occasional appearances from people of the non-Caucasian persuasion. When, a few episodes ago, Bill began to suspect Eric had done something involving undocumented workers, I began to prickle. I actually prayed the show wasn’t about to Go There. And, now, we know they did! They have! Great, now I get to rant and blow my top. Because making Eric the messiah for his hapless illegal immigrant workers, helping them falsify their identities so they could toil for Forrester, is a really condescending plot twist. I love Eric, I really do. I think he leads with his heart and just tries to do the best he can. But illustrating that quality of his by trotting out random minorities “Bobby” and “Cecelia” as examples of his magnanimity is cringe-inducing. I mean, here’s an idea, why didn’t Eric arrange for his employees to get legal alien status or sponsor them for citizenship? Besides the writers needing their illegality for this storyline, that is? Here’s another idea: How about we use characters of color as something besides a racially icky plot device? Did we really need the image of all these undocumented aliens crowding into the bowels of Forrester to help churn out the fancy gowns that keep Eric and Donna in the style to which they’re accustomed? 

I know that undocumented workers are a huge issue in California, but a show that has no minority characters of consequence (Marcus and the Bakers are on howmuch? Hmm?) can ill afford to send these kinds of messages to its audience. 

And as far as it being “damning” evidence for Bill to use, you’ve gotta love how Eric’s actions are illegal but still “noble.” Gag. You know I’d almost prefer that he accidentally killed his head seamstress and buried her body beneath the Sky Lounge.


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