Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Today, AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Damian and Meg both came down with that rare strain of flu that forces your shirt to come off for no apparent reason. Why can’t we get THAT epidemic here in New York instead of H1N1 (aka “swine flu”)? I mean, historically, PASSIONS had a major case of the Shirtless Flu. Remember DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Patrick Lockhart (Brody Hutzler)? Chronic sufferer! But I have to admit it was funny to be trying to work and then suddenly look up to see Meg whipping her shirt off while Damian turned his back. I actually had to e-mail Joe to see if I missed something, and he wrote back, “She somehow got it wet — apparently from crying so profusely. Or maybe drooling over Damian.” LOL! 

B&B’s Owen took his shirt off today, too, but that was because he and Jackie got busy on Nick’s desk…which is symptomatic of a whole different kind of disease. While I’m back to being comfortable with the couple and enjoying their vibe after my brief detour into Scarred For Life-ville, is having sex on Jackie’s son’s desk REALLY necessary? Ew. I hope they get the cleaning crew to come in afterwards. Especially since Nick and Bridget were cavorting in there last week.


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