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So GH’s Ethan was conceived roughly around the time Robert was involved in the Mr. Big story with Burt Ramsey … AND around the time Lulu was born? Hey, GH writers, that’s the mid-80s versus 1994. I know Lulu was rapidly aged, but you can’t mess with established points in show history without fans noticing. (Of course the whole Ethan/Luke paternity storyline is one giant rewrite, so what’s one more glaring crime against classic GH, right?) 

And while I’m grousing, why is poor Carly being barred from seeing Michael while all and sundry (by which I mean “Claudia”) are allowed to parade through his hospital room and fill his already muddled noggin with nonsense? 

Speaking of waltzing in and out of hospital rooms, given how fragile Y&R’s Ashley is and how there has clearly been someone tormenting her, WHY would she be left unattended long enough for Adam to traipse in and out and leave her that creepy scrapbook? And you’re telling me no one noticed him wandering the hospital halls with that oh-so-subtle “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” hat on? Please. 

But let me table the griping for some kudos now! GL definitely deserves some for finally dusting off the Boudreau family in recent weeks. I was especially pleased by yesterday, when they all came out for Remy yesterday and interacted with each other and other cast members. Three black women (Christina, Felicia, and Mel) had a scene all to themselves and we even got to see Rick and Mel’s daughter, Leah! Gasp. It took me back to the days of Hamp and Gilly and David all being integral parts of the canvas.

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