Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Since I watch over 40 hours of TV a week, it’s really hard for me to pick up new shows. Even when my friends are all watching them. Let’s face it, after a while you just get burnout. I start shuffling around like a zombie, with bags under my eyes, blearily reaching for caffeine. So I haven’t been able to check out THE UNUSUALS, the new show starring Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily, GH).

At first glance, the commercials remind me of the British series TORCHWOOD, which is a beautifully tawdry spinoff of DOCTOR WHO and airs on BBC America. “Normal” cop gets sucked into joining a wacky team that investigates the goings-on in the city’s underbelly. Of course, on TORCHWOOD, it’s about aliens as opposed to weird human New Yorkers. (Please, no jokes about how that’s practically the same thing. LOL.) And, really, many procedural shows have that newbie-joins-the-team format. I’m sure it’s not exclusive to TORCHWOOD and THE UNUSUALS. My other bit of apprehension comes from the fact that Amber Tamblyn still looks so young. How do you go from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 to a cop show? You don’t! Unless it’s 21 JUMP STREET — which, for the uninitiated, was a Fox show about fresh-faced cops doing undercover work at high schools and colleges. Notable stars? Johnny Depp, Steven Williams and Holly Robinson Peete. Plus a SLEW of soap actor guest stars. And there’s been buzz the last few years of a reboot of the show in movie form. Remembering what happened to DUKES OF HAZZARD on the big screen, I’m kinda terrified. ::shudder::

However, they could avoid casting Owen Wilson or Johnny Knoxville and consider some of our brightest —and most baby-faced— soap stars, right? As such, here’s some 21 JUMP STREET remake wishful casting:

Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily, GH)
Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT)
Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky, GH)
Jason Tam (Markko, OLTL)
Christel Khalil (Lily, Y&R)
Meredith Hagner (Liberty, ATWT)

And despite the fact that Billy Warlock (ex-Frankie, DAYS; ex-AJ, GH) has the Dorian Gray Portrait in the Attic award, I think we can all agree he’s too old to make the cut off. ;-).

Naturally, Peter Deluise (ex-Penhall, 21JS) could write and direct and veteran actor Steven Williams (ex-Fuller) would have to sign on to reprise his role from the show and shepherd this new crowd of undercover whippersnappers.

Yes, I have given this way too much thought.

Now I have to go find some coffee…and braaaaaaaains.


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