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First things first, stay tuned to the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL section of our site for the write-up of my first visit to the show’s set in sunny California! Second things second, I now have the task of catching up on all the soapiness I missed, and that’s quite the chore … unless we’re talking about yesterday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL. Okay, just a specific portion of yesterday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL: Johnny and Maxie. Yes, I know this snappy banter and stolen kiss thing they’ve got going on makes them faithless cheaters and it’s despicable to betray their respective partners in such a way, etc. But you know what? There is precious little to get excited over on GH these days, and I’m going to cling to whatever squee-inducing thing I can, no matter how faithless and cheating it may be. Desperate times call for desperate measures, folks. This beggar cannot and will not be a chooser.

I know I waxed poetic about JoMax in my February 4 entry, but I can’t remember the last time a couple or non-couple on GH got me this interested. I liked Lucky and Sam, but I wasn’t actively rooting for them; I just wanted them to spend a lot of time in the hot tub and hanging out with Lucky’s kids looking adorable together. But with Johnny and Maxie, it really hits one of my soap hot buttons. I’m such a sucker for the people-who-barely-like-each-other-become-lovers trope. I loved it with early Zach and Kendall on AMC; I’ve loved it with GL’s Olivia and Natalia — and the slow burning duo haven’t even gotten to the ‘lovers’ part yet. So, I guess it was inevitable that when GH started playing that angle with Johnny and Maxie I would fall for it, too. They just sparkle. (I know, it’s a silly word and it reminds me of those vampires from TWILIGHT, but it’s apt!) The actors are obviously having a good time and it’s that wonderful, banter-y tease that so few relationships get anymore.

The rational part of me knows that Maxie and Johnny will only continue to be in each other’s orbit just long enough for the show to figure out what they’re doing with Lulu and Ethan and Spinelli and Winnifred. But I’m going full-tilt anyway, much like I did back when Carly and Jax were opening Club 101 together circa 2001-2002. Did Carly and Jax get together then? No. But they’re together now! (Well, sort of. But let’s save that for another post.) So, hey, if they don’t get rid of Brandon Barash just because Ethan, nuMichael, and Dante are on deck — much like they jettisoned Jason Gerhardt’s Coop and Josh Duhon’s Logan to make room for Johnny — then this couple could have a legitimate shot sometime in the future.

But what about “Spixie,” you may ask?

Well, if Spinelli and Maxie are supposed to be some grand love story, her telling him she’ll sleep with Johnny if he’s not there to be with her is a classic case of “UR DOIN IT RONG.” That is not something an “I love you” should go with…unless you’re talking to your best friend whom you really have no romantic feelings for. Plus, if Spinelli and Maxie are really the root-for couple, why is GH writing and directing scenes like this….?

Maxie: What did you like about me today?
Johnny: You don’t want to do this.
Maxie: Yes, I do. Okay, I’ll start. Of course I noticed your ass, and you’re really hot. Now it’s your turn.
Johnny: You’re beautiful, Maxie, okay? But that is not why I want to kiss you.
Maxie: Really? Why?
Johnny: Because you’re you.
Maxie: Aw, damn it. :::pounce, kiss:::

Wait, what was that question again? “Why is GH writing and directing scenes like this?” I think I have the answer: To torment me! LOL! It’s because I love NIGHT SHIFT more, isn’t it?


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