Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

So, I was formatting the list of this year’s Daytime Emmy pre-noms for the issue we’re working on this week, and just marveling at how weird the pre-nom and nomination process is. I’ll be honest, there are years where I look at the list and just go, “What? Huh? I don’t get it!” I don’t know if it’s equal parts popularity contest and political maneuvering or what, but sometimes the Emmy process just doesn’t make sense to me!

For instance, while GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sarah Brown has been a lead actress in the past, Claudia was a supporting character last year. Alicia Minshew (Kendall) has been a lead actress on ALL MY CHILDREN for ages now. So why is she always in Supporting Actress? Especially when Thorsten Kaye (Zach) is in Lead. The same goes for GUIDING LIGHT: Why is Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) in Lead and Marcy Rylan (Lizzie) in Supporting? They drove the same exact story last year and had pretty much equal airtime. And if the philosophy there is that Minshew and Rylan have a better shot of winning in Supporting because they can’t hold their own against the Jeanne Coopers (Katherine, Y&R) of the world while Kaye and Cosgrove can go toe-to-toe with Anthony Geary (Luke, GH)…well, that’s pretty gender biased and insulting, don’t you think?

Do shows consider who can “beat” a nominee from another network? Do they have a cage match backstage to figure out who goes where? A double elimination pool? “Whoever draws the short straw ends up in Younger Actor.” “But, dude, I’m almost 26!” Ooh! I know! They play Rock, Paper, Scissors, don’t they?

That’s not to say I’m not happy about the way many of the pre-noms panned out. Because I am indeed pleased that Rylan got a spot on the roster no matter what category she’s in and I’m happy for the whole gang from AS THE WORLD TURNS, as well as the people THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL put up. Yes, those are the two shows I cover. LOL. Speaking of biases, I bet none of you are surprised that I’m happy DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) is on the pre-nom list. (“Why, yes, Mala, considering you’re so SHY about Philip being a favorite…” LOL.) I’ve already confessed my abiding love for Ridge in a 2008 blog entry, so it also shouldn’t be a shock that I’m rooting for B&B’s Ronn Moss! He might have a good shot if he submits his work from Phoebe’s death and an episode like the one where Ridge gave Nick Hell for doing Bridget wrong.

Of course, there are a few omissions that caught my eye, though it’s not as bad as years past. Maybe it’s just because I’m on soap overload and desensitized to who did what in 2008, but I don’t have a huge sense of “OMG! So-and-so WUZ ROBBED!” Still, Y&R’s Sharon Case (Sharon), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) are missing? Say, what? (I’m not going to launch into a boo-hoo about Billy Miller, because this year’s work should earn him a lock for next year’s pre-noms!) And ATWT’s Jon Hensley (Holden) and Austin Peck (Brad) had incredibly solid years. Plus, there’s Roger Howarth, who gives 120 percent even when Paul is riding the Crazy Train to Over-the-top-ville. And where’s GH’s Sebastian Roche (ex-Jerry)? Or Jason Thompson (Patrick)? He did beautiful work during the course of Robin’s pregnancy and Emma’s birth and is truly emerging as one of the most solid, dependable actors on that show. And, of course, his acting partner Kimberly McCullough (Robin) should be on the list, too. And it goes without saying that I believe that they both deserve to be honored for their work on NIGHT SHIFT, as does head writer Sri Rao.

But, really, congratulations to everyone who scored a pre-nom and good luck making it to the nomination round!


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