An obligatory links post.

I feel like I’m falling behind in the business of proper blogging. I’ve given up on trying to be a foodie — let’s face it, not having a digital camera really gets in the way of that sort of thing. I haven’t posted many other interesting experiences –again with the lack of digital camera; I can’t ramble about how wonderful Disney World was back in October without visual accompaniment and I still haven’t developed the throwaway roll. And with the presidential race over, there’s just nothing that’s grabbing me in terms of ranting passionately and eloquently.

So, to keep this endeavor from being a complete waste, here’s some linkspam:
Hamlet: The Facebook news feed edition

Cake Wrecks

The butthurt report form, for all your whiny “I was insulted on the IntarWebz” reporting needs.

Cute baby ocelots being cute.

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