Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

There was topic over in our forums, in the GH section, for a viewer’s Christmas List for the show. Before it veered into off topic territory, I weighed in. It’s such a fun concept that I figure I might as well expand on the theme and make wishes for some of the other shows I watch!

1. Decker Moss suddenly returning, and being as swoonworthy as he was when I was a kid. (Goodness, was that really almost 20 years ago now?)
2. Blackie Parrish getting out of jail and putting the band back together.
3. Robert, Anna, Jagger, and little Stone all moving back to town permanently.
4. Jason getting hit on the head and waking up Jason Q.
5. Coleman. Just being Coleman.

1. Simon. Just being Simon.
2. A recast Lien coming into town so Oakdale’s Asian population can be upped from zero to 1 and Margo can have an ally against the Hughes Boys Club.
3. Dusty and Paul end up in group therapy (lord knows they need it!) and actually get some real help.
4. William Fichtner takes a break from primetime gigs to come back as Josh Snyder and a)romance Meg and b)have Lily’s tangled parentage become revealed to her older kids. Because how messed up and soapy would THAT be?
5. The entire “psycho Adam” arc is erased and he comes back perfectly sane and ready to head the 20-something set.

1. Thorne and Felicia being magically revealed as not related (and somehow not actually raised together either), so they can date.
2. Deacon returning to fight for custody of Hope.
3. Somebody mentioning Little Eric, because whatever happened to that kid?
4. Bridget finally gets her due by being pursued by both Owen and C.J.
5. Taylor meets a guy who has never, ever, remotely had any association with Brooke. In fact, if Brooke’s in the room, all the guy sees is a blur where she’s standing.

1. Clark and Lois kiss without any kryptonite involved.
2. Bruce Wayne makes an appearance, preferably where he trades snarky banter with Oliver.
3. Lindsay Hartley guest stars as Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) and she and hubby Justin Hartley’s Oliver have a whole “Hey, don’t I know you?” moment.
4. Clark learns how to fly.
5. Clark actually dons a cape and tights (and I know the original showrunners never wanted that, but I don’t care!).


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