Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

It’s been a crazy few days, so I forgot to set a tape for NIGHT SHIFT. I know, I know. I’m ashamed of myself. I watched two episodes of EUREKA and the second season premiere of GREEK on ABC Family and went straight to bed. So, imagine my disappointment when I awoke this morning and realized I had no NS to indulge in! I’ll have to pilfer a tape from a colleague at some point or wait till the Sunday replay. 

Still, let’s not let a little thing like missing an episode keep me from speculating. Here’s what I think I missed: 1)Gay Kyle and Not Izzie were overwhelmed by one thing or another and sat on the Gurney of Angst. 2)NapoLEOn noticed Jagger and Saira are spending time together and got huffy. Jagger probably flashed that dimpled smile that so eloquently telegraphs “Wow, you are a tool.” 3)This week on ALL MY BABY BUMPS, Robin probably looked like she was a little bloated from PMS. 4)Robert did something awesome, because that’s just how he rolls. 5)Somebody was half-naked. 6)Epiphany got in someone’s business. 

I will check back in after I’ve seen the episode to gauge how on point my guesses were, or feel free to tell me in the comments. 

Now to GREEK for a moment. It’s a show I hooked several coworkers on, and one I’d gladly recommend to anyone else. Don’t let the whole frat boy/sorority girl thing fool you; it’s a wonderful, witty, show with a great cast. I’m not sure what ABC Family is doing pairing it with THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY er, THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, which seems like a much more dour 7TH HEAVEN-ish series. GREEK pushes the boundaries. I mean, hey, just last night, we got to see a bunch of guys in cheerleader skirts! (My hats off to you, Beaver, for doing the splits.) It’s not too late to Rush and join the audience of this gem of a show.


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