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Watching a show at 11 p.m. is a strain on even my rather impressive TV-watching stamina, so I’ve been setting a tape and watching NIGHT SHIFT the next morning over coffee. Episode two of the series proved stronger than the season premiere, which suffered a little from being an info dump for new viewers and introducing newbies Claire and Kyle. 

Actually, the Izzie and George er, Claire and Kyle stuff still annoys me. Their whole locker room conversation about bad roommates and worse dates was highly zzzzzz-worthy, as was their bid to move in together — except for the dig at the docks and how the area is Mob Central. LOL! “Newbies in small doses, please!” is probably the most consistently broken rule on soaps. But I do like Kyle and think he’s a fresh addition to the hospital staff. (Not to mention that NS continues to be more diverse than Day Shift by having people of color AND a gay guy. Go, NS!) 

I also continue to enjoy new doc, Saira, even if it’s odd that Robin went from having several friends in the workplace to just one. They’re fun together, and Saira’s gentle humor is a great complement to Robin’s fiery temper — and Leo’s. 

Yes, I’m going to talk about nuAngryLeo. I know that he’s a bit jarring for people. The character is being written differently and, thus, Ethan Rains is playing him differently from the iPod-havin’, mellow Dominic Rains version. Still, I don’t actually mind him being more intense. We’ve never had much Leo face time before. He’s always been supporting other people in scenes, and now he not only has a “Golden Boy” brother in the picture but a love interest and a conflict about adoption that really got him fired up. I feel like we’re catching him in a rough period, and the bonding scene between Kyle and Leo at Jake’s only cemented that. (One more difference between GH and NS: Jake’s was actually FULL.) How cute was Kyle assuring Leo that any differences in how they were treated as kids was because Leo was a screw up? That feels more like the guitar-playing Dr. Leo we all know and love. 

Now to the other characters we know and love. Just how BIG is Robin’s apartment that she, Patrick, Jagger, and Stone can all live there? Is it the equivalent of a clown car or what? (Remember when she shared Courtney’s loft with Lainey and Kelly? Equally hilarious!) And just how wrong is it for me to really enjoy Patrick constantly kvetching about Jagger’s lack of clothing? If he doesn’t stop it, I’m going to think he’s got a mancrush. As Robin would say: “You’ve got cru-uuuush. You loooove him.” I also really love that we’re getting to see Patrick and Robin be doctors. (Doctors! In a hospital! Imagine that.) Poor Patrick as a harried Chief of Staff is a compelling change from the self-assured doctor who plays God in the OR. Administrative work is a whole different ball game. 

Speaking of new ball games… I can’t WAIT till Granddaddy Scorpio shows up in the picture next week! The previews alone have me grinning, and it looks like Robert’s reaction to Robin’s bundle of joy will be a bit different than Anna’s. Man, I love this show.


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