Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Our cable’s out again. And, okay, for those of you who don’t have the luxury of working in an office with TVs, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Cry me a river, Mala.” But this is serious, people! Watching our soaps on a daily basis is part of our bread and butter, and when we were soap-less this past Monday, the culture of misery permeating the office was palpable. Now, it’s TV-less in Manhattan: The Sequel. Everyone is walking around all bummed because there’s nothing to shoot e-mails back and forth about. Not to mention that it’s eerily silent in the department because you can’t hear the tinny voices coming from each office. It’s creepy. Like a Japanese horror film. (Which probably means I shouldn’t pop in a videotape of soaps to tide me over, right?)

Still, we did have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shows to watch, so this week wasn’t a total wash. ;). And imagine my glee when I tuned in to AS THE WORLD TURNS yesterday and spotted Luke in scenes with his family. Without Noah. YAY! Now before I get stoned to death by irate Nuke fans, it’s no slight on Luke’s boyfriend, I swear. It’s more that I miss Luke being a part of the Snyder family drama. I never like it when any part of a core family is floating off by themselves — but ATWT tends to be really good about remembering parents, children, cousins, etc. Probably because they keep making relatives by marriage or adoption sleep with each other. LOL! I bet they need a flow chart just to keep up. GENERAL HOSPITAL’s fractured Spencer clan would be a great example of the opposite. Up until recently, Nik, Lucky and Lulu all seemed to be leading completely separate lives, and I don’t think a newbie tuning in would have guessed Nikolas and Lucky were Lulu’s brothers. If anything, for the last two years, Carly has seemed like her only relation (and Luke whenever he’s in town). Whereas, at least down on the Snyder farm, you have one giant dysfunctional family.

So, yes, I was VERY happy to see Luke cooking breakfast, comforting Faith down by the pond, and being very much on Team Lily in the Cheating Debacle of Ought Eight. Just like I loved it when, a few weeks ago during Sofie’s murder, Jack kept reiterating to Paul that he’s Meg’s cousin. Whether it’s the incestuous Snyders, the screwed up Stewarts, or the holier-than-thou Hugheses, ATWT really is a “family show.” It all comes back to the basics of mothers and their children, husbands and wives, sisters, brothers, and good friends. That’s what good soaps are made of; that’s their bread and butter.

Gosh, I hope the cable’s back by 2!


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