November 4, 2008. Remember it.

I stood in the polling booth this morning and had a serious moment of zen, a moment that made my throat clog with emotion and my eyes grow damp and one that I will likely never forget. No matter what the outcome of today’s presidential election is, it is a day for the history books.… Read More November 4, 2008. Remember it.

“Real America”: The sweet land of bigotry.

Why, in these last few weeks leading up to the Presidential election, is there such a need to define what makes someone a “real” American? Why the divisiveness, and the implication that edumacated, elitist big city folks just don’t understand the toils and troubles of the average, homespun “real” America? Well, I’ve looked at it… Read More “Real America”: The sweet land of bigotry.

Cause celeb.

Celebrities have always been a vocal presence on the political scene and, indeed, now more than ever the line between politics and entertainment have blurred. A WWF wrestler was elected governor and so was the Terminator. People look to The Daily Show for their political coverage, The View becomes one of the few programs to… Read More Cause celeb.

All this means is that James K. Polk was a hottie.

It’s funny; I spent the entire summer being virulently, vehemently, anti-political. I was sick of the backbiting, the sniping, the divisiveness. I was like, “Whatever. I am so done.” I just tuned out. I was sick of Hillary, sick of Barack, and occasionally rhyming really rude things with “Huckabee.” Now? With barely 2 months to… Read More All this means is that James K. Polk was a hottie.