Plugging the Alphahole

Ah, the ‘70s and ‘80s bodice ripper era…when men were men and women were raped. The romance community likes to filter it through a rose-colored rearview mirror, chased by alternating mild chagrin and feminist horror. But more than 30 years later, those misogynist underpinnings of forced seduction romance — mostly overpinnings, if we’re being honest… Read More Plugging the Alphahole

Bondage Games: Why Skyfall Plays Well With Others

Twenty-third in the long-running franchise of films based on Ian Fleming’s globetrotting superspy, this year’s Skyfall has been praised across all platforms as a great movie, a fun ride, a grand adventure but “not really James Bond.” It’s a strange, albeit incredibly specific, criticism…and one that I disagree with. I grew up watching Sean Connery,… Read More Bondage Games: Why Skyfall Plays Well With Others