Get the Book Outta Here: March Reads

March put me back on track in terms of reading early and often, and a bigger haul means a bigger selection of gems.


Flying, by Megan Hart (out 4/29, erotic romance)
Three Weeks With Lady X, by Eloisa James (out 3/25, historical romance)
House of Glass, by Sophie Littlefield (out 2/25, mainstream/thriller)
The Lumberfox, by Ava Lovelace (erotic romance, e-book)
Hard Time, by Cara McKenna (out 4/15, erotic contemporary romance, e-book)
Beyond Jealousy, Kit Rocha (erotic romance, e-book)


dreamsandshadowsThe Pals’ Pile (aka “Books I liked by friends of mine!”)
The Submission Gift, by Solace Ames (erotic BDSM romance, e-book)
Sweet to the Taste, by Alyssa Cole (erotic romance, e-short)
Dreams & Shadows: Prelude, by Mary B. Rodgers (contemporary romance, e-novella)
Once Upon a Tiger, by Kat Simons (paranormal romance, e-novella)

For my adventures in backlists, I finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver and the Iron Seas novella Wrecked, by Meljean Brook. Both were excellent, and I’m definitely going back to those universes sooner rather than later. I also finished Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinisters story The Heiress Effect, which was so wonderful and well written. And the secondary story features a Bengali lawyer with the last name “Bhattacharya.” !!!!

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