Book A Little Closer: October Reads

October wasn’t too shabby, my friends. While there were a couple of duds that shall remain nameless, I also picked up quite a few reads that kept me pushing the ‘page forward’ arrow on my Kindle!

OnceARakeHow to Love, by Katie Cotugno (young adult/contemporary romance)
A Little Too Far, by Lisa Desrochers (contemporary romance/new adult, e-book)
Once a Rake, by Eileen Dreyer (historical romance)
Hard as it Gets, by Laura Kaye (out 11/26, romantic suspense)
A Weaver Beginning, by Allison Leigh (contemporary romance, Harlequin category romance)
Broken, by CJ Lyons (out 11/5, YA coming-of-age/thriller)
Ketchup Clouds, by Annabel Pitcher (out 11/12, YA/coming-of-age)
Badlands, by Jill Sorenson (out 12/31, romantic suspense)

In terms of older books and backlist titles, I finally got around to Joey W. Hill’s highly-recommended BDSM erotic romance, Natural Law, and I’m still doing a (very, very slow) reread of Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour.

P.S. Contrary to the book cover, the hero in Dreyer’s Once a Rake is a big, hulking, redheaded Scotsman. I pictured Kevin McKidd. As you do.

Kevin McKidd
Hi, I’m a hot ginger. How are you?

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