Haven Season Three and Beyond: “A Beautiful Love Story”

Last fall, when I was still an intrepid entertainment journalist, I had the chance to chat with cast members of SyFy’s Haven at New York Comic Con about what season three holds for the titular Troubled Maine town and its denizens. Rather than let all those juicy details go to waste, here’s a taste of what Lucas Bryant (Nathan) and Eric Balfour (Duke) had to say about saving the world. Hint: All you need is love!

Season two ended with Nathan and Duke struggling over a gun and a gunshot ringing out. Who’s the last man standing? “Duke would definitely win, but only because Duke doesn’t play by the rules,” insisted Balfour. “And the beauty of Nathan Wuornos is he is an earnest hero. We are the opposing forces of good: Nathan is a earnest hero, Duke is the reluctant hero. He’s Luke Skywalker, I’m Han Solo.”

“That’s so Duke, to say that,” scoffed Bryant-as-Nathan in response. “I’ll tell you he’s wrong. ‘Who won?’ You know what, Duke, there are no winners. He’s just got it all wrong. The guy’s attitude is all messed up. If he really knew what was going on, he would know that when people fight, when there is war, when there is feuding, no one really wins. So, I stand on the moral high ground.”

One thing the guys stand together on is the fascinating relationship between their constantly dueling characters. “In all honesty, without sounding silly, I think that the love story of this show really is between Nathan and Duke,” mused Balfour. “[In] every show there’s an element of soap opera and melodrama, and I’m sure we’ll see Audrey date Nathan, or Audrey with Duke, or another person…you’ll have all of that, but I think the one relationship that will really continue to grow — and form the finale — will be the reconciliation of Duke and Nathan.”

“I agree: It is a beautiful love story,” laughed Bryant (going on to make hilarious googly eyes with his co-star across the room). “Balfour and I have this beautiful love story going on in our real lives as well, so it’s just sort of reality and art…now there’s no separation. It’s just ridiculous!” In all seriousness, Bryant does love the bond between the characters. “I think it is a beautiful story. I thought it was so cool…I didn’t know that story that Nathan told Audrey at the end of season two: how his Trouble came back and how Duke was involved in that. People have really been spit-balling about what exactly happened between them. I love that we’re just getting pieces of it now. There’s so much more to come, too. It’s a love-hate thing,” he said, noting that “I think of [Haven] mostly as a relationship show. Yes, there’s all this crazy stuff going on, but it’s totally rooted in the relationships that the characters have. I think fans have been championing that and really love that. And I love that. And so we’re all in love, and it’s fantastic. Emily [Rose, Audrey] and Eric are amazing.”

Bromance and lovefest jokes aside, what’s ahead for the canon duo of Nathan and Audrey, who finally kissed last season? “Obviously there are going to be some big issues that are going to get in the way of them being happily ever after,” theorized Bryant. “It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure it’ll be a long time coming again to weave ourselves through how that relationship plays out. We can’t just try and get together every episode.”

Not with Duke in the picture, that’s for sure!

Haven premieres this Friday at 10 on SyFy, with Bree Williamson (ex-Jessica, OLTL), Dorian Missick (Southland) and Kate Kelton (Bullet in the Face) joining the cast.

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