Book, Line and Sinker: July Reads

What I’ve read, and loved, since June!

A Lady By Midnight, by Tessa Dare (out 8/28, historical romance)
Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn (mystery/suspense)
A Lady Never Lies, by Juliana Gray (out 8/7, historical romance)
Speechless, by Hannah Harrington (out 8/28, YA)
Thief of Shadows, by Elizabeth Hoyt (historical romance)
Ride With Me, by Ruthie Knox (contemporary romance, e-book)
Double Down, by Katie Porter (out 7/31, erotic romance, e-book)
The Angel, by Tiffany Reisz (out 9/25, erotic fiction)
Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, by Andrew Shaffer (out 7/31, parody)

And in tangential book-related geekdom, some squee from my review of Spell Bound, by Kelley Armstrong for my short-lived romance blog, A Perfect Romance, is in the promo materials for Thirteen. Eeee! (The fate of PR, by the way, is that I’m slowly going to pull ALL the review and interview posts I did over to this blog. They will not disappear!)

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