Giving the Dirty Dancing Reboot a Lift…

…or not so much.

On the heels of our mutual Dirty Dancing remake outrage, my pal Amy, at PopGurls, and I couldn’t help but try to make lemonade out of lemons. Last night, we came up with increasingly ludicrous substitutions for Penny’s back alley abortion.

For the click-shy, a sample: Amy: “Penny has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so you have to learn The Lift!”

Seriously, folks. I can’t wait to see what cockamamie excuse the screenwriter and Kenny Ortega are going to come up with. A hangnail? Bloating? Twisted ankle? (At which point I would posit that Penny and Johnny could just do The Sprain at the Sheldrake, ala Lisa Turtle and Screech…)

One thought on “Giving the Dirty Dancing Reboot a Lift…

  1. The original is a classic. I really don’t see what it is they think they can improve. Or what message they may feel was lost. Have the filmmakers run out of ideas?


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