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Okay, GH, ya got me. Cue the obligatory asthmatic wheezing and choked sobs — all because of Stone and Robin! I let Lucky’s Grand Irish Adventure (now with added Dante and Lulu!) wash right past me with only a passing thought to how badly I want to set Siobhan’s hat on fire. I shrugged off Spinelli and his new, but predictably annoying, obsession with Brenda. I barely even blinked at Molly rehashing Sonny and Claire (do we really need to hear about “Scaire” at length?) Honest to God, you could’ve had a shoot-out in the middle of the episode and I would not have cared, because Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Michael Sutton (Stone) are just as magical today as they were 15 years ago.

I’m Robin’s age, so I’ve grown up with her, been there for her every milestone. Her love story with Stone is one that affects me to this very day. I remember buying Robin’s Diary, the tie-in (and I still have it!). I sobbed my way through the entire AIDS arc. And oh, my God, I hated Robin and Jason with a fiery passion, because he wasn’t Stone, and it just wasn’t fair that Stone was dead. So all it took was Stone showing up in the well at the tail-end of yesterday’s episode, and I was sold. He could’ve read the phone book to Robin and I would’ve been okay with it. Fortunately, we got a little more than the phone book. We got to watch them reminisce about their good times and bad, and Stone (or Robin’s subconscious rendering of him) pointed out how Robin had romanticized their relationship because it ended so swiftly and cruelly. The thing is…? I don’t see anything wrong with that. As much as Stone might be right that Robin kept part of her heart distant from Patrick…so what? He was her first love, and I don’t think Robin is some sort of sad sack loser just because she dusts off her old diary and reads it sometimes.

It was an interesting, and heartfelt, sequence that gave me a lot to think about. Because I adore Patrick and Robin together, too, and want them to work things out…for Emma’s sake, if nothing else. Yet, there’s no denying that Robin and Stone have something timeless. All this time, Patrick has felt like he’s competing with Stone’s ghost. And having seen Stone’s ghost…well, it’s clear that Dr. Feelgood’s right to be worried! When Stone kissed Robin’s hands, I got chills, and I can’t help but wonder what they would’ve been like as adult lovers…if GH would’ve mucked them up like they did their other teen pair, Lucky and Elizabeth. They probably would have, right? But as Stone and Robin showed us, getting too mired in the “what if”s can keep you from living in the here and now. Since Robin emerged from the scenes determined to get back to her adorable daughter, Emma, I guess all I can say…”All’s well that ends well.”

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