Stop the Violins

Charlie Sheen signed on for the next season of Two and a Half Men for a reported 1.78 million dollars per episode and he has pled guilty to assault. Whenever I flip on Time Warner Cable’s On Demand services, they’re touting Roman Polanski’s Ghost Writer as a rental. And, lately, every time a New York City bus passes by me, it has Chris Brown plastered on the side, advertising Takers. Oh, Hollywood, how subtle you are in telling us the worth of a man who abuses women. In one breath, this industry decries the behavior of Mel Gibson and distances itself from his insane ramblings, in another it legitimizes the careers of men it can’t write off as crazy and continues to hold them up as stars.

Meanwhile, look at how thoroughly the scrutiny has been turned on Lindsay Lohan, who, as near as I can tell, has done more damage to herself than to anyone else. People are salivating over her downfall, taking glee in her jail time and her court-ordered rehab. Do you think we’ll see a heralded comeback for her like Robert Downey Jr.’s? I sincerely doubt it. I remember when her problems really started coming to light, her film Georgia Rule was released on DVD…and she was nowhere in the TV commercials for it. How is that Lohan can be stripped from the promotional material for a film so easily and yet Sheen, Polanski and Brown are still seen as marketable? How is Shia LaBeouf still an industry sweetheart? I mean, people think it’s downright hilarious that he was drunk and disorderly at a Chicago Walgreen’s in 2008. What causes this attitude? Is it that people think “boys will be boys”? So society gives them a free pass to be violent asshats…at least until somebody leaks an audio tape that makes it impossible to pat them on the head and call the behavior cute?

It’s revolting, and it really speaks to an institutionalized misogyny: that enough time, money and influence will absolve you of violence against women. But god forbid a woman fall from grace…

3 thoughts on “Stop the Violins

  1. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Sheen gets rewarded, especially 2 million an episode. Glad to see that men can be jerks and abuse women, and still come out smelling like roses.

    As for Lohan, once a beautiful and talented girl who is now nothing.


  2. Very valid points, Mala…..thought I think the Shia LaBeouf thing seems like a one-off. Not to say it was “boys will be boys”, but I think we all have made, or know people who have made, a mistake like that in their 20s.

    But I don’t understand how Charlie Sheen gets a pass. I think everyone seems to believe that enough PR will cure anything. Sheen falls from grace and smacks a woman and he’s still cool – and still the headliner of a sitcom. Lindsey falls from grace and she’s called every name in the book.


    1. I really don’t understand how Sheen gets a pass after ALL the times he has messed up. The fact that he’s the lead in a “family” comedy makes it all the sicker.


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